Google Calendar Down Memes: Best Tweets & Jokes About the Outage

Google Calendar Down Memes

Twitter Google Calendar Down Memes

Google Calendar has been down for at least an hour as people are trying to start their workday on Tuesday morning. Now it’s turned into a meme, with some people enjoying the break from all their required appointments, and with others becoming increasingly frustrated about the issues. Here are the best memes, reactions, and jokes.

It’s not clear what caused the Google Calendar problems, but issues are increasing according to Down Detector.

Time has temporarily stopped for some.

Time to pull out your day planner.

It’s not clear what’s causing the issue. Some people are getting 404 errors when they try to use Google Calendar. Others can’t log in at all, while others can use their app but they’re seeing a blank calendar. A few people say they can still use Google Calendar on their phones, so that’s worth a try if you’re having trouble.

Some people received the following Google Apps status notification: “We’re investigating reports of an issue with Google Calendar. We will provide more information shortly. The affected users are unable to access Google Calendar.” Here’s what that message looks like: 

Some people can’t do their job without Google Calendar, so it’s break time.

Some people are offering to temporarily be personal assistants while the Calendar is down.

That actually might be helpful to some people.

But others are pretty upset about the whole thing.

The response in the tweet below is probably the best reaction to this outage.

No one can get mad if you miss a meeting today.

Some say the mobile app is still working, but is it really? And does anyone else know?

The error is confusing for many.

Can you remember your meetings today? A lot of people can’t.

Today is canceled. Maybe it’s time to see a movie.

Or prepare for the apocalypse, because that will happen if Google Calendar stays down for much longer.

Here’s a fun tip. Check the G Suite Dashboard Status to see if Google Calendar is still having issues.

At this time, it’s not clear what happened or when the issue will be resolved with Google Calendar. But the memes are going to keep coming.