Whataburger Was Sold to Chicago: The Best Memes & Reactions

Whataburger Sold Memes


Whataburger, a homegrown Texas business that is beloved by people across the Lone Star state and beyond, was sold to a Chicago-based firm called BDT Capital Partners. The investment business has bought a majority stake in the company and the original owners, the Dobson family, still have a minority stake. Although many are worried about the news, the Dobsons are assuring Whataburger fans that they’ll still deliver food that will make Texans proud and this is just a means for helping the business grow and expand even more. But still, the news has shocked some fans and they’re sharing memes and reactions about their feelings. Here are the best.

A recurring theme involves Texans being worried about Buc-ee’s now.

Tom Dobson told the Austin American Statesman that the decision was exciting and bittersweet, since the business had been part of their family for nearly 70 years. But he says the partnership with BDT is going to be a good thing, not something to worry about.


Dobson told the Statesman: “They have a track record of success with businesses as special as ours that want to grow, while preserving culture and family history. They are trusted advisors and partners who have worked closely with other family businesses and they have a tremendous reputation for doing the right thing.”

Tiffany Hagge, managing director of BDT Capital Partners, said in a written statement: “Whataburger is an iconic brand and extraordinary company with an important legacy of family ownership, loyal customers, valuable community involvement, dedicated and talented employees, and a highly experienced management team. We look forward to a long-term partnership with the Whataburger team, continuing their commitment to serving high-quality, great-tasting food at a value and delivering a superior customer experience. We are excited to support Whataburger as they continue to innovate and pursue accelerated growth in existing and new markets.”


Whataburger shared their own message on Twitter to try to calm their fans’ worries.

Their Twitter followers had skeptical responses.

And Whataburger is responding with memes of their own. Here are some of Whataburger’s best meme responses.

And no, Whataburger will never taste like In-n-Out, they are insisting on Twitter.


But some people think this is great news.

And some people think the reactions are ironic.

This one is pretty accurate:

So don’t worry too much at this point if you love Whataburger. It’s likely that this could end up helping the business grow in the long term.