Ayesha Curry’s Milly Rock Dance Video Causes Split Reactions on Twitter

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After a video surfaced of Ayesha Curry dancing at her fourth restaurant opening, International Smoke in Del Mar, California, the Internet had a field day nit-picking her dance moves. Twitter was especially split, as many users cheered Ayesha on, as she was clearly having a good time hanging out with husband, NBA superstar, Steph Curry, while others needed to slay her for having zero dance skills or rhythm.

As a public figure, reality TV star, and wife of one of the best NBA players in the game, Ayesha, who’s a mother of three, Riley, Ryan, and Canon, she is used to being heavily scrutinized by the world. Her mixed race background, she was born in Toronto, Canada, her father is African-American and Polish, while her mother is Jamaican and Chinese, makes it’s hard for many to cleanly place her in one box, an issue she discussed with Working Mother in May.

She said, “My own community needs to embrace everyone better. Sometimes I feel like I’m too black for the white community, but I’m not black enough for my own community. That’s a hard thing to carry. I’m not in the entertainment industry, in the traditional sense. I’m not thin; I’m 170 pounds on a good day. It’s been a journey for me, and that’s why I want my girls to understand who they are—and to love it.”

However, the host and producer of ABC’s Family Food Fight, for which Steph also serves as producer, maybe didn’t expect for a brief video of her attempting to do old trending dance known as the Milly Rock — receiving such a quick and fierce reaction.

The Haters Came Out for Ayesha

Seeing that Steph’s wife can’t dance had Twitter on fire with reactions. Some of them are hilarious and in good fun, while others appear to be just mean.

Ayesha Has Support From Her Fans Regardless

Many users are sick of people coming for Ayesha, and want the haters to focus on their own life instead. Her dance moves aren’t hurting anybody, so the incoming anger seems to be uncalled for.

Steph Supports Her No Matter What

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Curry responded to the viral news via his Instagram story saying, “Slow news day today, I see, huh? Just make sure y’all send me the video of you dancing at your own restaurant opening. And we’re going to keep Milly Rocking until that happens!” He then panned over the camera to reveal Ayesha sitting next to him in the car with her hands over face in embarrassment. “I hate you,” she said.

This isn’t the first time the Golden State Warrior star has publicly defended his wife. After Ayesha was heavily criticized online for comments she made on Jada Pinkett-Smith’s series, Red Table Talk, discussing her insecurities and the challenges of being married to a such a huge celebrity, her husband was the first to have her back.

Steph posted on Instagram, “Proud of you for being authentic and putting yourself out there- not being afraid of the potential bull s#*# and nonsense that could and did come at you. Way more positive than negative with all of this. Keep being you. I love you.”

What is the Milly Rock?

2 Milly Shows How To Do The Milly Rock DanceCLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL – http://bit.ly/1oLK0SA Rapper 2 Milly stops by the No Judgment Zone to show the Folks how to do the Milly Rock Dance that's sweeping the country right now. Music and video used with permission from artist.2015-05-12T20:44:36.000Z
For those unfamiliar with the Milly Rock, it was a dance started by rapper 2 Milly in 2015 that swept the nation. The song entitled “Milly Rock,” got the movement started, which is basically a two-step, with swinging hips and arms, and it became the dance of the summer.

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