New Twitter Display: How Do You Switch Back to the Old Interface?

Twitter New Twitter Layout

Twitter has been hyping up that new changes were on the horizon for their popular site, and as the rollout of the new interface suddenly changed, users were taken aback by the format. With the trending list on the right side of the screen, and a series of bold icons in a column on the left, it feels completely jarring after years and years of getting using the old layout.

Typically, when major sites make such drastic changes, they happen slowly over time, so as to not seem like a whole new website to their dedicated users. And while Twitter’s new interface isn’t completely out of left field, it’s understandable for long time tweeters to want to return to the display they are so comfortable using.

For those who are looking to switch back to the old interface, we have good news, there is a way! Bleeping Computer has helped deliver a step-by-step guide which we have listed below. And for those whose computer screen is still showing the old layout, and want to see what the new interface is like, there’s a way to jumpstart the new look on your computer, as well.

How to Switch Back to Old Twitter

The key to returning your Twitter screen to the format you know and loved, you need to delete the rweb_optin cookie. By using the EditThisCookie application, it’s possible to return to the old format on Googlde Chrome.

1. Download and install the EditThisCooke extension into Chrome.

2. Go to your Twitter page.

3. While on your Twitter page, click on the cookie emoji which is now in the top right-hand corner of your screen to open EditThisCookie.

4. A list of all the cookies associated with your Twitter page will appear. Scroll down and click on rweb_optin

5. Once you open rweb_optin, click on the trash can icon which appears in the left hand corner of the box to delete it.

6. Close your web browser, including all open windows, and re-open Twitter. The old interface should be on your screen.

How to Switch to the New Twitter

If you’re feeling left out, and want a jumpstart on Twitter’s new interface, all you need to do is add the rweb_optin cookie to your browser. To do this, download the same external application as mentioned above, EditThisCookie, and follow these steps:

1. After downloading EditThisCookie, open up your Twitter page.

2. While Twitter is open in your web browser, click the cookie emoji in the top right-hand of the screen, and open EditThisCookie.

3. A list of all the cookies associated with your Twitter page will appear, and at the top, there will be a toolbar with a plus (+) symbol. Click on it.

4. In the form which appears, enter rweb_optin in the name field. In the value field enter side_no_out and then put a checkmark in Secure. Click Save.

5. Close all open windows and then re-open your web browser. Once you open Twitter, the new interface should appear on your screen.

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