Is Whataburger Open or Closed on the 4th of July?



Whataburger may be your idea of a perfect meal on the Fourth of July this year. But is the store open? We have good news. All Whataburger locations are open on Juy 4, 2019.

Whataburger told that all their locations are open today, so have a great Fourth of July!

You should call your local Whataburger store to find out the details on hours and if they are having any specials today.

In fact, the only days that Whataburger stores are typically closed is Christmas. So for the Fourth of July, you’re pretty safe as far as getting a delicious Whataburger. In fact, many Whataburger locations are open 24 hours, so you don’t even have to worry about when they’re closed. If you’re out on July 4 and get a craving for delicious Whataburger, even late at night, some locations will still be open.

You can find the closest Whataburger near you by going to the homepage here and putting your address into the store locator. Or you can go directly to the store locator page hereUnfortunately, not all the locations actually post their store hours on the map. If that’s the case, you may need to call the individual store to find out if it’s open today or closing early.

Whataburger isn’t shy about celebrating the holidays, including July 4.

Sometimes they even join local 4th of July parades.

A lot of people love to visit Whataburger on the 4th of July.

Here’s a fun Whataburger trivia tip for you. The first Whataburger opened in Corpus Christi, Texas in August 1950. But on New Year’s Day 1950, Harmon Dobson wrote in a journal entry that he prophesized he would have a promising year. Later in May, he financed Paul Burton’s idea for a specialized hamburger spot in Texas. They trademarked Whataburger in June. Their partnership ended about a year later, when Dobson wanted to raise prices and Burton disagreed. Burton had franchise rights to all San Antonio area locations until he died in 1970. But despite their partnership’s disagreement, they still created one of the most delicious fast-food restaurants known today.

Things have changed more recently for Whataburger. It was sold to a Chicago-based firm called BDT Capital Partners. The investment business has bought a majority stake in the company and the original owners, the Dobson family, still have a minority stake. Although many are worried about the news, the Dobsons are assuring Whataburger fans that they’ll still deliver food that will make Texans proud and this is just a means for helping the business grow and expand even more.