Shane Dawson’s Twitter Hacked By Bestiality & Nazi Enthusiast

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Shane Dawson‘s Twitter account was hacked by a Nazi supporter on Friday, who proceeded to send out a series of disturbing messages to the YouTube star’s 8.8 million followers on the social media site. It was quickly obvious that the 31-year-old influencer was not the person sending out the offensive tweets, and his fans were quick to ask the hacker to stop.

Retweeting messages from the accounts of The Grinch, neaf, and Chuckling Squad, the harassing tweets read, “Nazi Germany Did Nothing Wrong and Thats On God N****,” along with a nearly identical retweet that said, “Nazi germany ain’t do nothing wrong and that’s on folks n****” — offensive messages that were quickly deleted from the hacker’s feed included derogatory comments regarding YouTube star James Charles, and accusing the always controversial influencer Jake Paul of “raping underage girls.”

Shane Dawson’s hacked tweets.

Hours after the hack took place, Dawson was still not able to fully recover his account. The hacker proceeded to ask another YouTube star, Keemstar, to check his direct messages, for which the 37-year-old influencer responded in jest, “not with that attitude.”

The Hacked Cat-Related and Rape Tweets Were Quickly Deleted

While the Nazi enthusiast tweets remained online, a slew of hacked messages were somehow quickly deleted. These messages referenced having sex with a cat, and claiming to “have intel on jake Paul raping underage girls.” Naturally, users online were able to screenshot the offensive messages before they disappeared.

Whoever hacked Dawson’s account also tried to get his followers to then follow the hacker’s multiple accounts. The hacker said, “follow @grinchsquad1989 if James Charles is a f*****.”

Also, in the series of already deleted tweets, the hacker claimed to be Colton Jurisic, one of the six individuals known as “The Community” who was charged with online identity theft to steal cryptocurrency in May 2019.

The last genuine tweet from Dawson, who has over 8.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, was shared on August 22. He posted a clip from an interview with Clevver host Emile Ennis Jr., in which they discuss how fame can affect friendships, and how Dawson deals with people who may be using him for clout.

Users Online Wonder Why Hacker Didn’t Take Over Donald Trump’s Account

After a celebrity is hacked online, a theme throughout these unfortunate instances is users online wondering why this person didn’t choose to hack someone else’s twitter account, in particular, the President’s account. If someone has the power to take over someone’s Twitter feed, many users believe they would go ahead and delete Donald Trump’s account.

Why are There So Many Unrelated K-Pop Videos?

Another common after effect of a trending term is K-pop fans using the popular topic to post videos of their favorite singers and dancers. These K-pop clips are completely unrelated to Shane Dawson, but these Twitter accounts include his name in the tweet to bring more viewers to these videos. This understandably causes confusion for fans wondering why “Shane Dawson” is trending.

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