Why Is Kidz Bop Trending on Twitter? Watch ‘Angry Karen’ Video

Instagram/Getty 'Angry Karen' and Kidz Bop

When Kidz Bop started trending on Twitter, most users online were confused considering the popular compilation records featuring kids singing today’s contemporary hit music have been around for decades. However, after watching the viral video accompanying the term “Kidz Bop,” everything made sense.

In a video posted on Instagram by a woman named Chelsea Klein, whose handle on the social media site is @chelbk, a lady dubbed “Karen” gets out of her car in the midst of the busting streets of New York City to yell at a cab driver for cutting her off. After driver apologizes, and readily admits that it was all his fault, “Karen” reaches her head as far as possible into the cab’s front passenger window, and proceeds to curse out the woman in the back seat.

In order to make this confrontation, “Karen” is seen stepping out of her car, leaving her vehicle, in which her kids are sitting in the backseat, parked in the middle of on ongoing traffic.

While Karen accepts the apology from the driver, she then directs her attention to the woman in the backseat. Karen says, “But the Bi*** a** hoe that told me to calm down, what I’d like your to do is to apologize instead of being a b****.”

Chelsea responds, “Sorry, you’re calling me a b****, set an example,” and points out that that her kids can hear her yelling because the window is down, butKaren tells Chelsea that’s impossible. “My kids can’t hear me calling you a b**** because they’re listening to Kidz Bop.”

There Is More ‘Angry Karen’ Video Than Just The ‘Kidz Bop’ Bit

Kidz Bop KarenCredit to @cowsarekool on imgur for this terrifying video. Source: http://imgur.com/gallery/ijOe279 "This happened to a friend of a friend in NYC and it’s a wild ride start to finish. The back story is she was in a Lyft ride in NYC and the driver cut someone off and “Karen” just lost it."2019-11-02T03:20:41.000Z

While the Kidz Bop refernce captured everyone’s attention on Twitter, the video of this encounter with “Angry Karen” went on longer than the brief video that went viral online, which has now been watched over 5 million times.

In the one minute video, which compiles the Karen is seen making wild and crazy faces before going into her curse-filled tirade.

“You’re cute, too. She thinks it’s cute that her driver almost hit my kids, and she think she needs to take a video of it instead of apologizing like a sane person.” In a patronizing tone, Karen the tells Chelsea to repeatedly “calm down.” Before walking away “Angry Karen” yells, “Your attitude sucks d***.”

The Best Responses & Reactions on Twitter to ‘Angry Karen’ & Kidz Bop

While it took a minute to figure out the reason Kidz Bop was trending, after watching the “Angry Karen” video, the jokes and memes came pouring in online. Some users joked that Karen’s reaction is totally normal for someone who’s been forced to listen to Kidz Bop for hours on end, while many didn’t realize that the children’s albums were still in production.

While this isn’t likely the type of publicity Kidz Bop was looking for, “Angry Karen” has everyone talking about it, which is just in time for Kidz Bop 40, which comes out on November 15.

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