Why Is Kade’s Birthday Trending on Twitter?

Unless you’re a celebrity, it’s rare to see someone’s birthday trending on Twitter, and for Kade Foster, it was a complete surprise. His father, Jason Foster, however, posted a picture online of his son celebrating his 11th birthday on Twitter, a bittersweet moment considering no one invited showed up to his party.

Foster, who’s from Corner Brook, Newfoundland, and has less than 2,000 followers on Twitter, shared an adorable photo of his son in which Kade is dressed up in his favorite Toronto Maples Leafs jersey with the caption, “My son Kade had his 11th birthday party last night. None of his invited friends came. That hurt. I’m asking my Twitter friends to show him some love today. If you have a minute, please send him a birthday wish.”

What happened over the next 12 hours on Twitter is one of the most heartwarming stories you’ll ever see on Twitter, a moment which stands as a reminder that sometimes wonderful things can happen on social media. Not only did almost every member of the Toronto Maple Leafs team send Kade birthday wishes, once Kade’s name started trending online, numerous other celebrities joined in on the impromptu digital celebration.

By Sunday afternoon, Foster’s birthday message regarding Kade had nearly 45,000 likes and well over 15,000 personal responses on Twitter.

Toronto Maple Leafs’ players like Zach Hyman, Jeff O’Neil and Mitchell Marner sent Kade birthday wishes. The team’s center John Tavares tweeted, “Happy 11th Birthday Kade! All your friends on the team look forward to celebrating with you. I’m hearing it’s going to be quite the surprise.”

Also sending out birthday love, retired Leafs player John Scott, Houston Astros’ star Lance McCullens Jr., who offered Kade tickets to a game next season, the Carolina Hurricanes, along with sports analysts Darren Dreger, John Bartlett, Christine Simpson, and Joe Bowen.

Mark Hamill Wishes Kade a Happy Birthday

Making Kade a top trend on Twitter, the gift of receiving birthday wish from Star Wars legend Mark Hamill. He tweeted, “Wishing Kade the happiest of birthdays! Your pal, Mar.”

In fact, because so many people can related to the fear and emotions of having a birthday part for which no one shows up, numerous non-athlete celebrities joined Kade’s impromptu Twitter celebration.

Singer Chantal Kreviazuk tweeted, “Hi Kade I’m not @MapleLeafs but I saw that it was yer bday & that friends disappointed! When I was a kid once, my closest friend didn’t have me at her bday. I was so shocked. Kids are weird sometimes. Try to forgive. Humans in general- kinda hard to figure out. U have a #raddad.”

Jason Foster Said That He And His Son ‘Will Never Forget This Day’

Sending out a message on Twitter can seem like screaming into the wind, so the fact that so many people wished his son a happy birthday after such an unfortunate evening, Foster shared his thanks to everyone online.

He tweeted, “We can’t comprehend what has happened today. Kade and the rest of us are just amazed. To EVERYONE who sent Kade a message – thank you from the bottom of our hearts. He is an amazing son and he will never forget this day..”

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