Kelly Hall, Stafford’s Fiancee: 5 Facts You Need to Know

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford recently proposed to his beautiful girlfriend, Kelly Hall, whom he has been dating since college.

Here’s what you need to know about her:

1. She Was a Cheerleader at the University of Georgia

Stafford and Hall have quite the fairy tale story. While was the star quarterback at the University of Georgia before being drafted into the NFL, Kelly was a cheerleader for Georgia. The college sweethearts have been together for over 6 years.

2. She Danced for a ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Charity Event

As a former cheerleader, Hall danced quite impressively at a “Dancing With the Stars” charity event benefitting Jack’s Place for Autism foundation. Watch the video above to check out her dance- her outfit isn’t so bad either.

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3. She Hangs Out With Blake Bortles’ Hott Girlfriend

Hall and her hot body are pretty popular on Instagram, especially because she is constantly posting photos. In one photo of her partying in Mexico she is alongside Blake Bortles’ smoking hott girlfriend, Lindsey Duke. We don’t know if they hang out often, but WAGs seem to have bonded pretty well.

4. She’s Studying to Be a Nurse

Hall finished her first year of nursing school in December which was commemorated by her loving fiancee (boyfriend at the time) Matt Stafford. He adoringly posted a photo on social media congratulating his girlfriend for completing her first year.

5. They Got Engaged in April 2014

Stafford proposed to his longtime girlfriend in April. They met the engagement public when Hall posted a photo of the two eating ice cream with her gigantic diamond ring. She also posted about how she couldn’t be happier.

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