Mo’Ne Davis: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mo’Ne Davis is the star of the show after striking out hitter after hitter with a wicked curveball to lead the Taney Youth Baseball Association Little League of Philadelphia past Newark National Little League of Delaware in the Little League Regionals.

Luckily, we get to see more of her this week in the Little League World Series which starts this Thursday. It’s not often that you see a 13-year-old-girl in a boy’s league with her kind of skill and impact.

Here’s what you need to know about her:

1. She Throws a 70 MPH Fastball

Not only is Davis Philly’s starting pitcher, but she’s a good one at that. She strikes out her unsuspecting opponents with 70 mph fast balls and curve balls rare among 13-year-olds, let alone 13-year-old girls.

2. She Had a 3-Hitter Game at Regionals

On the Sunday of the Mid-Atlantic Regional championship game, Davis threw a 3-hitter to carry her team into the LLWS. Her stats for the victory include 6 strikeouts during the 6-inning game to win 8-0 over Newark, Delawar’s little league team.

Davis faced Newark previously where she had 10 strikeouts.

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3. She Used to Dream of Being in the WNBA

In her interview with ESPN, Davis talks about how her goal was to become a professional basketball player in the WNBA. She used to like basketball over baseball, but after she began practicing and playing more baseball she grew to love it more and more and stuck with it.

She was originally an outfielder for the team, but when the Taney Dragons were in need of a pitcher one game, she volunteered to go in as pitcher and the rest is history.

4. It Will Be the Third Time in History 2 Girls Will Be Playing in the LLWS

The Little League World Series begins on Thursday, August 14 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. For the first time since 2004, there will be two girls present in the tournament fighting for the World Series win. Emma March of South Vancouver Little League in British Columbia, Canada, will be the other girl competing this week in the LLWS.

Davis and March make up the third pair of girls in history (68 years) to qualify in the same World Series. Emma qualified earlier in the day making her the 17th girl player in history to do so followed by Davis who qualified later in the day to become the 18th.

5. She is Encouraging More Girls to Join the League

Davis encourages other girls to join the league in order to break down the gender barrier the dissuades girls from joining the league despite their impressive talent. She has shown how much of an impact can be made in the Little League by a girl with talent who wasn’t afraid to join.

Davis said in a post game interview:

More girls should join boys’ teams so it could be a tradition and it wouldn’t be so special.”

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