Ashley Brown Peterson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ashley Peterson, Adrian Peterson


Ashley Brown Peterson married Adrian Peterson earlier this year, with the Vikings running back confirming in July that the two got married.

Two months after the couple confirmed they tied the knot, Adrian Peterson was under intense scrutiny and criticism after being indicted on child abuse charges following allegations that he beat his 4-year-old son with a tree branch.

Adrian Peterson had a successful appeal in February. The appeal overturned his suspension and allows the case go back to the CBA process for possible early reinstatement. Peterson is still under contract with the Vikings, but his agent said he will never play for them again.

Peterson’s possible early reinstatement will allow him to workout for other teams if he is serious about leaving Minnesota.

Here’s what you need to know about Ashley and the couple’s relationship:

1. Ashley & Adrian Got Married in the Summer of 2014

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The couple tied the knot over the summer with no fanfare. It wasn’t until the two showed up at a gala in Minnesota wearing wedding rings that they acknowledged they had gotten married.

Ashley’s first public acknowledgment of the wedding came when a photographer from the St. Paul Pioneer Press asked how she should be identified in photos and she answered “Ashley Peterson.” (The Fumble has a video rundown of the news in the video above.)

A rep for Adrian Peterson later confirmed to TMZ that the couple had tied the knot.

2. Ashley is the Mother of One of Adrian’s Sons

Ashley is the mother of Adrian’s 3-year-old son, Adrian Peterson Jr. She is not the mother of the 4-year-old boy named in last week’s indictment, or the mother of a different 4-year-old boy Adrian is also accused of abusing last June.

3. Ashley & Adrian Have Dated On & Off Since College

Ashley Peterson, Ashley Brown, Ashley Brown Peterson


TMZ reports that the two have dated on-and-off since their college days. Both were students at the University of Oklahoma, where Adrian Peterson was a star running back form 2004-06, finishing second in Heisman Trophy voting as a freshman in 2004.

4. Ashley Posed in Playboy’s ‘Girls of the Big 12’ Issue in 2006

Adrian Peterson


While Adrian was representing Oklahoma on the gridiron, Ashley was representing the Sooners in Playboy magazine’s 2006 “Girls of the Big 12” issue under the name Ashley Thompson. There isn’t a digital edition available, you can buy a copy here if you’re interested in picking up the print edition.

Blacksportsonline also has links to two of the photos, which appeared on a page alongside students from Iowa State and Texas. (This link is safe for work, though the photos themselves are not.)

Ashley was also featured on an episode of the television show Deal or No Deal along with other aspiring models.

5. Ashley & Adrian Are Both Deeply Religious

Ashley’s Instagram and Twitter pages are full of references to God and religion. Her Twitter bio reads: “Wife. Mother. God 1st.”

On September 14 — two days after Adrian was indicted, he tweeted a Bible passage that Ashley re-tweeted. The passage starts by saying “Come to me and rest. Give your mind a break from its habitual judging.”

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