Benjy Bronk: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Benjy Bronk of Howard Stern disrupts Roger Goodell's NFL press conferenceBenjy Bronk of Howard Stern has crazy outburst as he crashed and interrupts Roger Goodell's NFL press conference. Bronk screams as he is pulled away by bodyguards, "What are you doing? Don't touch me… don't take me into an elevator…." For more on the press conference being disrupted by Benjy Bronk's prank- SUBSCRIBE to…2014-09-19T19:56:25.000Z

Roger Goodell’s somber press conference today addressing the NFL’s ineptitude in dealing with domestic violence cases was interrupted by the shrill voice of a man screaming “Don’t take me to an elevator!”

Turns out the prankster is Howard Stern writer Benjy Bronk, who has a history of similar stunts.

“What are you doing!?” Bronk screamed. “Don’t let me go in an elevator! Don’t take me to an elevator! Please! Don’t take me to an elevator.”

The elevator theme is an apparent reference to the Ray Rice video, in which he punches out his then-fiancee.

Goodell and the NFL’s mishandling of Rice’s punishment was finally addressed by today’s press conference.

Here’s what you need to know about him.

1. He Crashed Weiner’s Press Conference Too

Howard Stern Show's Benjy Bronk pranks Anthony Weiner press conference – all 3 questions!Howard Stern Show writer Benjy Bronk infiltrates the Anthony Weiner press conference and shouts out: "Are you shocked that Arnold Schwarzenegger had sex with an ugly woman?" and then "Will you help to support Arnold's love child?" and finally: "In the gray panty photo, were you full erect? Were you fully erect or were you…2011-06-07T06:20:38.000Z

“Will you maintain your hot physique and smooth sexy chest?” Bronk shouted while heckling the sexting politician Anthony Weiner as he announced his resignation in 2011.

“Are you more than seven inches!?” he persisted.

After that incident, he responded with this tweet:

2. He’s Been With Howard Stern Since 1998

howard stern


Bronk started as an intern in 1998, when he was 31.

On the show’s site, he wrote his own bio, including, “Howard loves Benjy so much that he requests Benjy sit within 10 feet of him and they actually share the same air. Sometimes Howard’s particles accidentally reach Benjy, improving Benjy’s health and spirituality for several days.”

After the Weiner debacle, Stern went on air saying that he does not send Bronk out to do stunts.

3. He’s in ‘Sharknado 2’

Benjy Bronk in Sharknado 2Benjy Bronk in Sharknado 22014-08-01T13:46:04.000Z

Watch the clip above for his cameo in the film.

4. He Dates a Writer on ‘Stern’

He’s dating Elisa Jordan, who also writes for the show.

On the show’s site, he wrote, “Benjy is deeply committed to his girlfriend, part-time puppeteer, and religious fanatic Elisa Jordan, so back off ladies.”

Watch them posing on the streets of New York in the clip below.

Benjy Bronk and Elisa JordanaBenjy Bronk and Eliza Jordana at event on Amsterdam Avenue,NYC2014-09-09T06:22:17.000Z

5. He Was Given a Prostate Exam By Perez

Benjy From 'Howard Stern' — ANALLY PROBED ON-AIR … By Perez Hilton | TMZOne of the stars of the Howard Stern show became a human finger puppet today — when Benjy Bronk got a live prostate exam on-the-air … courtesy of special guest proctologist Perez Hilton. SUBSCRIBE: About TMZ: TMZ has consistently been credited for breaking the biggest stories dominating the entertainment news landscape and changed the…2014-06-23T18:29:42.000Z

The shock jock had made a bet with Bronk that he couldn’t lose weight. He didn’t and Hilton ended the bet by anally probing him on air.

According to Empty Lighthouse:

Hilton began by kissing Bronk’s neck, fondling his chest, and then, with the help of some lube and a rubber glove, he went in for the main event. Bronk screamed for most of the three minutes he was required to have another man’s finger inside his rectum but much of the screaming appeared to be shtick.

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