Alex Pietrangelo Shaves His Head To Support His Niece Fighting Cancer: 5 Facts You Need To Know



1. In 2011 St. Louis Blues Defenseman Alex Pietrangelo Became Friends With Seth Lange, A 14-Year Old Blues Fan Battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Last December Pietrangelo and goaltender Brian Elliott teamed up to make Lange’s Christmas wish of donating toys to a nearby Children’s hospital, come true.  


This August when Lange became too sick to attend the unveiling of the Blues new jersey, Pietrangelo personally delivered one to Lange in the hospital.

Seth Lange passed away two days later.

2. Pietrangelo’s 5-Year Old Niece Was Diagnosed With Cancer This Summer

In August, Pietrangelo sent out of a tweet  asking for prayers for his 5-year old niece, Ellie as she began surgery to remove a Wilms Tumor, a rare form of kidney cancer that cruelly seems to predominantly affect children.

3. Pietrangelo Is A Supportive and Loving Uncle


On Monday, Pietrangelo posted photos on Twitter showing his niece shaving his head so she doesn’t feel alone while she goes through chemotherapy.

Pietrangelo talked to Elisabeth Meinecke of The 9s Magazine about the day it happened:

“To see her laugh, and smile, the way she was when she was doing it—even though she dug the razor in a couple times—it was good,” said Pietrangelo, who added he’s been talking about the idea for awhile.  “I had bunches of hair. I had a rat tail and everything going on. Sister-in-law cleaned it up a bit. She didn’t do this herself at 5 years old.  … I was scared about the eyebrows.”


He’ admitted he’s never shaved his head. And it was something even a mother could have trouble getting used to—“I think my mother was terrified when I sent her a picture,” Pietrangelo confessed.

4. You Can Get Involved Too


Ellie’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for medical expenses and are close to reaching their $25K goal.

5. The NHL’s Hockey Fights Cancer Campaign Goes Through November 17th.


The NHL and NHLPA have been working together since 1998 to not only raise awareness, but to raise money for hundreds of cancer organizations of the national and local level.

Follow the hashtag #HockeyFightsCancer to find out about events near you and check out the NHL store for exclusive Hockey Fights Cancer items.

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