Lindsay Clubine: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lindsey Clubine, Clay Buchholz's wife


Lindsay Clubine, a former model and TV personality who’s married to Red Sox pitcher Clay Buccholz, is the latest woman to have her nude photos leaked by hackers in what has become known as The Fappening.

Clubine confirmed Tuesday on Twitter that the photos were authentic and told TMZ on Wednesday that the shots were taken from Buccholz’s phone. (Terez Owens has a link to the photos. The link to the site is safe for work, though the photos themselves are not.)

Read on for more about Clubine, her marriage to Buchholz and her response to the leak.

1. She Lashed Out on Twitter at the Hackers

After the photos surfaced, Clubine tweeted: “A woman should be able to send her husband pics of herself with out fear of the whole world seeing them! iCloud hackers should be ashamed!”

2. She Said Not All the Photos Released Are of Her

Lindsey Clubine, Clay Buchholz, Clay Buzhholz wife


The leaked photos include a handful of Clubine posing in various stages of undress, with her face clearly visible. But the leak also includes a handful of much more graphic photos that Clubine said are not of her, but were of other women and were sent to Buchholz by a teammate.

From TMZ:

Clubine says she doesn’t blame her husband at all for keeping the pics on his phone … saying, “Clay and I are good. I send him pictures on the road.”

However, Clubine says she IS upset that she’s been wrongly identified in some of the more hardcore pics that were hacked from her husband’s phone.

“There are pics on his phone that [a teammate] sent some of the guys that are NOT me.”

One of the photos is of an unidentified man’s hand on the butt of an unidentified woman. It’s not at all clear who the woman is, but Terez Owens reports that the man is Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli.

3. She’s a Former Briefcase Model on ‘Deal or No Deal’

Lindsay Clubine, Howie Mandel

Lindsay Clubine (right) and Patricia Kara each give Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandel a kiss on the cheek at the 2006-07 NBC Primetime Preview in 2005. (Getty)

Prior to marrying Buchholz, Clubine was a TV personality and model who appeared on HD-Net’s Get Out and served as a briefcase model (briefcase No. 26, to be exact) on NBC’s Deal or No Deal.

From the bio on Clubine’s website:

In addition, this model turned television host has graced the pages of several top magazines and is regularly included in men’s publications as one of the sexiest television personalities on TV today. With all this attention, Lindsay has rightfully become one of the first icons of High Definition programming.

4. She’s a ‘Small-Town Girl’ From a Missouri Town With a Population of 191

Lindsay Clubine


According to the bio on her website, Clubine is a “small town girl” who grew up “riding horses and enjoying the slow-based Midwest lifestyle” in Camden, Missouri, a town with a population of 191 as of the 2010 Census.

From her website:

Yet with big dreams, Lindsay always longed for more. “Missouri was a great place to grow up, but I always wanted to ‘get out’ and see what the world had to offer,” said Lindsay regarding her thoughts about moving beyond her small-town life.

After doing some modeling locally in nearby Kansas City, Lindsay’s stunning smile and vibrant personality caught the eye of the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency. Soon after being signed, Lindsay was whisked away to Miami where she was gracing the pages of swimwear catalogues, magazine spreads and even making appearances in high-profile music videos. While in Miami, Lindsay auditioned and landed the hosting gig for the first season of Get Out. It has been a rollercoaster ride ever since.

5. She Was One of TV Guide’s ‘Sexiest Stars’ in 2008

Lindsay Clubine, Leyla Milani, Gary Atler, TV Guide sexiest stars

Lindsay Clubine (right) with Leyla Milani and Gary Atler at the TV Guide “Sexiest Stars” party in 2008. (Getty)

Clubine is picgured above with Leyla Milani and Gary Atler at TV Guide’s “Sexiest Stars” party in Los Angeles in 2008.