Koraun Mayweather: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Floyd Mayweather’s 14-year-old son has called his dad a “coward” for not admitting to beating up the boy’s mother in 2010. Koraun Mayweather made the comments in a USA Today interview, which was sanctioned by his mother, Josie Harris. Koraun is the eldest of Floyd and Josie Harris’ three kids.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. While the World Champion Boxer Beat Up Koraun’s Mother, He Ran to Get Help

Josie Harris Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather awaiting sentencing in June 2012 for beating up Josie Harris. (Getty)

Koraun described the September 2010 incident in detail during his interview, he told USA Today, “[My dad] said to lock my door and stay in my room. I sat there and thought about what I was going to do next. Just for like a minute.” The teenager adds:

[I] ran back out my bathroom and then hopped over the gate and went to the main entrance gate. I just told [the guard] that my mom was getting hurt and to call the ambulance and the police.

Mayweather later plead down to a domestic battery charge and served 90 days in prison in December 2011.

2. Koraun Says He Finds Boxing ‘Boring’

Since the incident in September 2010 in Las Vegas, Koraun admitted to USA Today that he still hangs out with his dad but that he isn’t too enthused by it any more. Spending time with his old man is made more difficult because Koraun finds boxing “boring.” The two pictured together on Floyd’s Instagram together on November 15.

3. Koraun’s Mother Has 3 Kids With Floyd Mayweather


Josie Harris, is Floyd Mayweather’s former girlfriend, despite having three kids together, the couple never married. In July 2005, Mayweather was accused of hitting and kicking Harris outside of a nightclub in Las Vegas. He was acquitted of that charge after Harris testified he hadn’t hit her, reported the Associated Press in 2010.

4. His Only Like on Facebook Is for His Dad

According to his Facebook page, Koraun lives in Valencia, California. Of the little information gleamed from his page, his one like is for his dad’s official Facebook page.

5. Koraun Is Tight With 50 Cent

Koraun Mayweather 50 Cent

The infamous pic that was tweeted by 50 Cent in 2012. (Twitter)

In January 2012, there were completely unsubstantiated reports online that Koraun had gotten his name tattooed in massive letters down his arms. The reports came from a tweet from 50 Cent, who wrote in a deleted tweet:

Man @FloydMayweather mad at me I took his son to the tattoo spot. He’s 13 he’s a big boy MONEY TEAM.

Photos from Koraun’s Instagram show him without any arm tattoos.

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