Janay Rice’s Mom, Candy Palmer: Video Was What I Expected

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Janay Rice’s mom Candy Palmer reluctantly watched the video TMZ published of her son-in-law Ray Rice knocking out her daughter in an Atlantic City elevator. And Palmer, who sat with her daughter during an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer that aired Monday on the Today show, said the video was more or less what she expected.

“Kind of what I thought,” Palmer said when asked by Lauer whether the video had been what she expected.

Palmer also said she thought it was unfair that her daughter became what Lauer called “the face of domestic violence” in the United States after the video’s release.

“I appreciate that. I know, I understand, I totally understand how people look at that and think that’s that’s who she is, but I know her, and we know that she’s not.”

Lauer then asked Janay if there had ever been an incident of domestic violence before or since the assault in the elevator. “No,” she answered, before elaborating:

There’s no way. He knows what he would have to deal with if this was something. I’m not going to sit there in silence and let something happen to me, God forbid in front of my child. And just let it happen? There’s no way.

Candy Palmer told Lauer she was upset by the way Ray Rice reacted after punching out Janay. Video showed him standing there outside the elevator rather than tending to Janay.

Here’s how Palmer explained it:

I was very upset by that part, and I told him so. I basically told him that I didn’t care who was out there at the elevator, you should have never left her there like that. I did tell him that.

Janay told Lauer she asked Ray why he “left me there like that” and that Ray responded that he was in shock. “He didn’t know how to function at that point,” Janay said. “Obviously by that time, hotel security is there, the police are there.”

Later in the interview, Janay and her mom both talked about the awkward situation the Ravens put Janay in when they asked her to appear at a news conference with Ray in May and suggested she issue an apology — a plan she went along with, sparking intense reaction from people shocked at the Ravens’ lack of sensitivity and concerned for Janay.

Both Janay and her mom said they understood the reaction to the press conference and to a tweet sent by the Ravens but later deleted that quoted Janay’s apology.

But Palmer said the reaction was overblown.

Oh I heard everything. I heard that basically they needed to come in here, knock the door down and drag her out because she was like chained in the house somewhere, or that she grew up in this type of environment. So many things.

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