Dallas Latos, Mat’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know


In order to get to the majors, you have to be unique, but Mat Latos’ personality is predominantly different than most of his peers. He enjoys more specific interests such as drawing, airbrushing, and… a fascination with tattoos. He is known for his own tattoos, as well as his future desire to work on them.

Latos comes from a strong family background, and honors his grandfather by writing his initials on the pitching mound and with a tattoo of his grandfather’s initials.

So, it’s no surprise that Latos’ wife, Dallas, also exhibits unique qualities like her husband, and isn’t afraid to share them either. She is described as being technologically and social media savvy, and keeps a steady presence online in comparison to the majority of the wives of professional athletes.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Dallas and Mat Were Introduced Through Common Friends


In an interview, Dallas admitted that she would never date a baseball player:

Dallas told her college roommate, who was dating a minor leaguer, that she would never date a baseball player. But, in a weak moment, Dallas gave in. Turns out the minor leaguer’s best friend was Latos.

According to her profile in USA Today

Dallas visited Mat in Fort Lauderdale but purchased her own airfare and swore she wouldn’t let him buy her “as much as a milkshake” until she knew him better. But she found a charming guy who made her laugh. And – much to her surprise – she promptly booked a return trip.

2. The Couple Were Married in October 2010


In an in-depth interview with Jonathan Hacohen of MLB Reports, Dallas gives the details about her life, including her wedding story with Mat:

All of this happened in the offseason of 2009. He asked me to go to Spring Training and live with him in 2010 at which point, I agreed by maintaining the fact that I’m just a cab ride and a flight away from home. I figured this would be the make it or break it of our relationship and we made it. We were engaged on July 3rd, 2010, made these terribly cliché plans to get married on 11-11-11, and ended up getting married on 10-12-10 at the County recorder’s office in my home town. We intended to keep it a secret from everyone and still have a “wedding”. Mat made a HUGE mistake on a radio interview when asked, “What did you do this offseason?”, “Did some fishing, relaxed, got married”. GOT MARRIED?! Panicked that our family would find out from the press, we decided we had to confess. While everyone was happy FOR us, not everyone was happy WITH us. We resolved to have a vow renewal ceremony with our family and close friends which I should note has yet to happen. The fact that I’m not one of those girls who knew what her wedding dress was going to look like when she was 3 really doesn’t help. We also didn’t feel like we needed everyone to witness us having a wedding ceremony to know our commitment is real. We weren’t even really planning on getting married that day, we just woke up and did it.

3. Dallas Operates Her Own Blog and Has a Twitter


Her blog is directly associated with the MLBlogs Network and can be found here. Her blog posts range from everything at home such as what she’s making for dinner, to specific charity events being held in the local area, to her own, open thoughts.

4. Mat and Dallas Have a Son Named Landon


On August 25, 2014, Dallas gave birth to her and Mat’s first child, Landon Marshall Latos.


Soon after, Dallas took to her blog to write about the birth of her first child.

In an excerpt from her blog post:

Now that it’s been a week, I’m not sure how I will handle social media as a mom. I swore I would never be “one of those moms who posts pictures of their baby all of the time” and as it turns out, I lied. I wasn’t even planning on saying anything about having a baby until the Reds had to announce the roster move for paternity leave and yet I found myself posting a picture from the hospital because I was so excited and filled with love that I would have screamed it from a mountain top had I not been on bed rest (that might be a stretch because that actually sounds really taxing but you know what I mean).

5. Dallas’ Twitter is Popular

Her Twitter can be found here.

On December 11, Dallas took to Twitter about the rumors that her husband had been traded to the Miami Marlins.