WATCH: Odell Beckham Jr. Catches 80-yard TD

Over the last two weeks in games against the Tennessee Titans and Washington Redskins, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. — nicknamed either “OBJ” for his initials or “ODB” for a pretty cool OPP joke, but either works — has 23 receptions for 273 yards and four touchdowns, so what could he do for an encore?

Eight receptions, 148 yards and two touchdowns against the Rams, including the 80-yard bomb from Eli Manning in the 3rd quarter in the Vine above. entering today’s game, so in 10 games this season, the rookie has 71 receptions for 972 yards and nine touchdowns — IN 10 GAMES AS A ROOKIE!!! His totals after the game jumped to 79 receptions for 1,120 yards and 11 touchdowns. ODB should easily be this year’s Offensive Rookie of the Year, despite his missed time due to injury.

The rookie has drawn comparisons to his teammate Victor Cruz for being smaller, shiftier, hard-working receivers with a knack for getting open.