Doug Marrone to the Jets? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

doug marrone


The New York Jets are reportedly set to hire Doug Marrone, 50, as their new head coach after firing Rex Ryan last Monday.

Marrone was with the AFC East rival Buffalo Bills last season, but became a free agent once it ended when he exercised a clause in his contract, according to a CBS article.

Here’s what you need to know about the possible hiring:

1. Marrone Spent 2 Seasons With Buffalo

doug marrone


In January of 2013, Marrone was hired by the Bills to replace Chan Gailey. Marrone finished his stint with the team with a 15-17 record. His 9-7 season this year was Buffalo’s first over .500 in ten years, and one win shy of making the playoffs.

On December 31, Marrone exercised the three-day-out clause of his contract and became a free agent.

2. This Would be His 2nd Stint With the Jets

doug marrone, rex ryan


Marrone was with the Jets as the offensive line coach from 2002-2005. That was his first job in the NFL after working with offensive lines and tight ends in various colleges since 1992.

His career began with Cortland University in Upstate New York. There, he spent a season working with the tight ends. Cortland is also the location Ryan picked for the Jets to hold their training camp when he became the coach in 2009.

After Cortland, Marrone went to Coast Guard, Northeastern, Georgia Tech, Georgia and Tennessee before starting with the Jets. He left New York in 2005 and was hired as the Saints’ offensive coordinator, where he held the position for three seasons. After that, he went back to college and became the head coach at Syracuse from 2009-2012. In 2013, he began working for the Bills.

3. Marrone is a Former Player

doug marrone


Marrone’s ties to Syracuse are deeper than just being a coach there. It is also his alma matter and where he played football prior to the NFL.

From 1983-85, Marrone was an offensive lineman for the Orange. After he graduated, he was signed as an undrafted player by the Miami Dolphins and made his debut in 1987. After a season there, he spent one year with the Saints. From the NFL, he went to the London Monarchs, the former American Football team that was part of NFL Europe. However, his time there only lasted two season.

After four years of playing professional football, Marrone began his coaching career. His career record in college is 25-25, and his NFL record is 15-17.

4. Marrone Was Reportedly Unhappy With the Watkins Pick

doug marrone


ESPN reported that Marrone did not agree with the Bills move of trading up to draft wide receiver Sammy Watkins fourth overall.

The Bills had to give the Browns their ninth-overall pick in last year’s draft, as well as their first- and fourth-round picks this year. Marrone felt it was too much to give up for a non-quarterback. It’s known that Marrone left the room after the trade, with some reports saying he stormed out and others saying he simply walked out.

5. Marrone Would Become the 18th Coach in Jets History

Rex Ryan


Marrone would be the 18th coach in the Jets’ 54-year history, including their time as the Titans of New York, if he is hired. Here’s the full list:

Sammy Baugh (Titans) 1960-1961
Bulldog Turner (Titans) 1962
Weeb Ewbank 1963-1973
Charley Winner 1974-1975
Ken Shipp 1975
Lou Holtz 1976
Mike Holovak 1976
Walt Michaels 1977-1982
Joe Walton 1983-1989
Bruce Coslet 1990-1993
Pete Carroll 1994
Rich Kotite 1995-1996
Bill Parcells 1997-1999
Al Groh 2000
Herm Edwards 2001-2005
Eric Mangini 2006-2008
Rex Ryan 2009-2014

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