How Tall Is Joe Flacco?

At 6-foot-6, Joe Flacco is the tallest starting quarterback in the NFL. (Getty)

At 6-foot-6, Joe Flacco is almost always the tallest guy in the Baltimore Ravens’ huddle. He’s got the height advantage on all of the offensive starters, linemen included.

Backup tight end Crockett Gillmore is also 6-6, and seldom-used tackle Jah Reid is 6-7, but he’s on the injured reserve. Other than that, you’ll have to go over to the defensive side to find a taller Raven.

So does being that tall help Flacco? Well, it enables him see downfield without an obstructed view and he rarely gets passes batted down, but there’s no scientific proof being a giant makes you a better quarterback.

JaMarcus Russell, anyone? Or maybe Dan McGwire? Ryan Leaf!? Massive guys, massive 1st-round busts.

Though being tall is the “in” thing for NFL quarterbacks.

Along with Flacco, early-season Eagles starter Nick Foles is also 6-foot-6, but his season ended after 8 games. Also measuring up at 79.2 inches are sometime-starters Matt Schaub of Oakland, Mike Glennon in Tampa Bay and Derek Anderson in Carolina.

The tallest QB in the league for 2014 is Brock Osweiler, who at 6-foot-8 backs up a 6-foot-5 guy named Peyton Manning in Denver. Ryan Mallett (Houston), Logan Thomas (Arizona) and Tyler Bray (Kansas City) are the other tallest backups/3rd-stringers, all at 6-6.

Besides Manning, there are a slew of 6-foot-5 starters including Cam Newton, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Carson Palmer (IR), Blake Bortles and Zach Mettenberger.

Flacco has won a Super Bowl. As have “how’s the weather up there?” candidates Peyton and Big Ben. But, again, being a tall signal-caller doesn’t guarantee success.

And being a little on the short side is not an indication you can’t play. After all, 6-footer Drew Brees and the shortest quarterback currently in the league, Russell Wilson at 5-foot-11, also have SB titles.

Joe Flacco is usually one of the tallest players on the field at 6-foot-6. How does he stack up - literally - with the other signal-callers in the NFL?