Danica Patrick Pictures: The Race Car Driver’s Best Looks

Danica Patrick is appearing in her 14th Super Bowl commercial this year. Coca Cola's commercial is centered around the hashtag, #MakeItHappy and the female race car driver speaks about negativity she's encountered online. View the commercial here.

She was in the GoDaddy ad that had to be pulled before the big game. In the spot, Patrick played the driver for an online puppy business, and a lost puppy finds his way to her. Watch the commercial here. There was backlash from animal advocates who disagreed with how puppy mills were being featured in such a lighthearted matter. GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving and the company tweeted out an apology post saying the company “underestimated the emotional response," and said the ad would be pulled, and reassured viewers of Buddy’s current state.

Here are pictures of the 32-year-old athlete both on the track and on the red carpet.

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