Dez Bryant’s Fight With Mom: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dez Bryant catch overturned

Dez Bryant can’t hold onto the ball after falling to the ground on a crucial 4th down Sunday at Green Bay. (Getty)

Dez Bryant’s mother Angela called the police to her house in 2012 and sat in front of a camera as she documented in incident involving her son and her brother.

The story was first reported by TMZ Sports. The video can be found on TMZ here.

1. The Incident Involved Dez’s Mother and Dez’s Uncle



In the video where Dez’s mother Angela is speaking in front of the cops who responded to the incident, she said that her son roughed her up. Bryant allegedly: grabbed her, smack her with his baseball cap, tore her shirt, threatened to hit her and then ripped her shirt during the 2012 incident in Texas — and although none of those actions is visibly seen in the video, Angela’s short is torn and she is clearly wound up.

According to the TMZ report:

Angela says she tried to stop Dez — and warned him that he was going to get in trouble with the Dallas Cowboys — but she claims he only got angrier and turned the rage on her.

Angela says she wanted to contact Jerry Jones to discuss the incident — so he could help Bryant moving forward.

2. The Chargers Were Eventually Dropped



The Class A misdemeanor Bryant committed was punishable by a fine of up to $4,000 and up to a year in jail. Bryant was arrested for assault following the incident, however, the charges were eventually dropped when the wide receiver cut a deal with prosecutors, which required the NFL star to stay out of trouble for the following year.

Bryant was also in violation of the NFL’s conduct policy, but has since stayed out of trouble.

3. There Is a Rumor of a Wal-Mart Video of Dez That Exists Where He is Doing ‘Something Bad’



Multiple media outlets have confirmed the circulating rumors that one is out there, including Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Schefter appeared on the Carmen and Jurko show on ESPN 1000 in Chicago this week and said he has heard about the video and he knows what’s on it, but he hasn’t seen it. Click the above link and go to the 47 minute mark.

Schefter said he has been working on the story since September.

In an interview with 105.3 The Fan, the Cowboys’ flagship station, Mike Florio from said:

I don’t know if there’s any video that exists. I’m just saying there is some chatter out there.

4. Dez Has Been Involved In Controversy Throughout His Entire Career

packers, cowboys


A police report surfaced from a July 11, 2011, incident from a Dallas-area Wal-Mart in which a witness reported seeing a woman allegedly being dragged out of a car by a man in the store’s parking lot.

The victim on the police report was listed as Ilyne Nash, who is Bryant’s girlfriend and mother to two of his children.

5. This New Video May Continue to Affect Ongoing Contract Negotiations With the Cowboys

Dez Bryant, Dallas, Cowboys


There have been questions surrounding what Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones will do about the situation involving two of his star offensive players DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant. Both have seemed to have their share of problems recently.

In Bryant’s case, his contract negotiations have been murky since all the way back in November. The Cowboys have the franchise tag at their disposable, but Dez wants to negotiate a long-term contract to remain a Cowboy.

With all of the news coming out about the 26-year-old star wide receiver recently, Dallas may be forced to let him go just on negative publicity and uncertainty about his ability to stay in line in the future. Most of the reports that have surfaced are old news from well over two years ago, however, they paint the receiver in a bad light, and to some, that may be more than enough to affect negotiations.

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