Jimmie Johnson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

jimmie johnson


Jimmie Johnson is looking to win his record-tying seventh Sprint Cup this season.

Between Twitter fights with Keith Olberman and forgetting to turn left, Johnson has plenty to offer off the track.

Here’s what you need to know about the six-time champ:

1. Johnson Drives the No. 48 Car

jimmie johnson


Johnson drives the No. 48 car, sponsored by Lowe’s, for Hendrick Motorsports.

He’s starting his 15th season and has 70 wins, 292 Top Tens and 33 poles in 471 races.

Last season, he earned $23.5 million, with $17 million coming from salary and $6.5 from endorsements, according to Forbes.

His pit crew features names like Ron Malec, R.J. Barnette and Cam Waugh, with Chad Knaus as the crew chief, according to Lowe’s Racing.

2. Johnson Was Involved in a Twitter Fight with Keith Olberman

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In January, 2015, Johnson had enough of Keith Olberman’s mocking of NASCAR. Olberman did a segment calling Jeff Gordon riding a tricycle at a Washington Wizards game a “desperate” attempt to promote the Dayton 500. After, Johnson tweeted at him and told him to “go away.” The Video can be seen above (the clip comes 1 minute in) and the exchange can be seen below.

3. Bovada Has Johnson Listed as the Favorite



Bovada has Johnson listed as the favorite to win the 2015 Sprint Cup. His odds are 13/2, with Jeff Gordon and Kevin Harvick closely behind with 15/2.

4. Johnson Missed a Left Turn in a Recent Triathlon

jimmie johnson


According to NBC Sports, Johnson added a few extra miles to a triathlon in which he participated when he missed a left turn at an intersection.

I added a couple miles… I missed a turn. You think you’d approach an intersection with eight cops there, and at least one would say you went the wrong way. I went straight on through. Then nobody was there. So I turned around. To everyone’s surprise, I did miss a left hand turn.

5. Johnson Supports “Ban Bossy”

jimmie johnson, jimmie johnson wife, Chandra Janway


Johnson married Chandra Janway in 2004, two years after meeting through mutual friends, and together they have two daughters, Genevieve and Lydia.

He credits be the father of two girls as his reason for supporting the “Ban Bossy” campaign. “Ban Bossy” tries to get the word “bossy” out of the everyday vocabulary because of the negative connotation it has when used to describe women.

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