Patriots Super Bowl Champions Gear & Apparel 2015

super bowl 2015 championship gear


Super Bowl XLIX is over, and the winning team was the New England Patriots. It was an epic game, and fans of the winning team are eager to show their support for this year’s legendary team with Super Bowl championship gear. Whether you’re looking for a Super Bowl 2015 hat, shirt, or sweatshirt, we’ve found some awesome apparel any true Pats fan will want to own. We’ve also included some Seahawks apparel, as well as some unusual and unexpected gear that celebrates the Pats and their historic Super Bowl win. Here’s a look at some of the best Super Bowl Champs 2015 apparel for the Patriots we’ve seen in fan shops online. You might also be interested in this official Wilson NFL Superbowl XLIX football.

1. New England Patriots Gray Super Bowl XLIX Champions T-Shirt

super bowl 2015 champs apparel


Show your pride with these Super Bowl 2015 champs T-shirts from the NFL Shop. Both the men’s and women’s versions of this shirt feature the text “We are all Patriots.” The men’s version of the shirt is guaranteed to ship in two or three days, so you won’t have long to wait until this shirt is all yours.

Price: $27.95-$33.95

Buy the men’s shirt here.

Buy the women’s shirt here.

2. New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLIX T-Shirt

super bowl xlix shirt


While this T-shirt may not indicate which team was victorious at Super Bowl XLIX, it’s still a great memento of this year’s exciting game. This shirt features the helmets of both teams, along with a representation of the University of Phoenix Stadium. This T-shirt also features the date of this year’s Super Bowl. It’s a reminder of the Pats victory this year, and a shirt that Seahawks fans can wear while crossing their fingers for another Super Bowl appearance next year.

Price: $24.99

Buy it here.

3. New England Patriots ’47 Brand Super Bowl XLIX Champions

2015 super bowl champs apparel


Want to go for a his and her’s look? These great Super Bowl champs shirts look great on both men and women.

Price: $35-$40

Buy the men’s shirt here.

Buy the women’s shirt here.

4. NFL New England Patriots ’47 Brand Super Bowl XLIX Champions Knit Beanie

2015 super bowl champs apparel

(’47 Brand)

Considering how much snow has fallen on New England in the past week, a warm and toasty Super Bowl Champs beanie is a pretty smart buy. With more snow hitting the ground overnight, the Monday morning after the Super Bowl is going to be quite a chilly one. If you need a new hat, why not make it a hat that supports the Pats?

Price: $22

Buy it here.

5. Super Bowl 2015 Champs Drinking Accessories

super bowl 2015 championship gear


Drinking beer is a big part of watching football, so it only makes sense that you’d want some sweet Super Bowl championship glassware. In addition to pint glasses, we’ve also found some awesome coffee mugs, coasters, and a “bottle suit” for a 12 oz. bottle of beer. Grab any of these awesome Super Bowl championship drinking accessories, and you’ll be ready to toast to Tom Brady’s good health all year long.

Price: $7.99-$17.99

Buy the pint glasses here.

Buy the mugs here.

Buy the coasters here.

Buy the “bottle suit” beer bottle koozie here.

6. Super Bowl XLIX 2015 Relaxed Cap

super bowl xlix apparel

(’47 Brand)

Whether you were rooting for the Seahawks or the Pats, these Super Bowl 2015 caps are a great way to show some local pride. These relaxed fit caps from ’47 Brand have an adjustable band in the back for a custom fit. The front design is raised embroidery, and these hats are officially licensed by the NFL. If you’re looking for a hat with the actual word “Champions” on it, we really like this Super Bowl XLIX Champions hat. However, it might take up to eight weeks to ship.

Price: $25

Buy the Seahawks cap here.

Buy the Patriots cap here.

7. New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Champions Printed Reusable Grocery Tote Bag

super bowl 2015 gear

(Amazon/Forever Collectibles)

Whether you’re hitting the grocery store on the weekend or using this tote to carry your gear around on a beach vacation, this Pats tote bag is a great way to haul your stuff and show your team pride. And unlike a lot of other 2015 Super Bowl champs gear we’ve seen in fan shops, this bag is pretty reasonably priced.

Price: $4.59

Buy it here.

8. Super Bowl XLIX Champions Hooded Sweatshirt

super bowl 2015 hoodies


It’s cold in New England right now, and that means everyone is wearing hoodies to stay warm. These Super Bowl 2015 championship hoodies for men and women are the perfect thing to wear while shoveling the driveway, or snuggling up on the couch and rewatching the highlights from this year’s big game. Need a smaller size for your kid or for the petite woman in your life? A boy’s Super Bowl 2015 champs hoodie is also available.

Price: $44.95-74.99

Buy the men’s hoodie here.

Buy the women’s hoodie here.

9. 2015 Super Bowl Champs Patriots Banners & Flags

super bowl championship gear


Want to drape a victory banner on your car or outside of your house? Then one of these awesome Super Bowl 2015 championship banners is a great decor item. When you fly this flag, there will be no question about where your loyalties lie.

Price: $39.97-$49.97

Buy the car flag here.

Buy the banner here.

10. New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Championship Tumbler & Six-Pack Holder

super bowl 2015 champs gear


You’ve gotta drink out of something. And while the weather is cold enough to chill a beer outside right now, you’ll definitely get a lot of use out of this six-pack holder/chiller once summer comes. The tumbler is also great for year-round use.

Price: $15.99-$24.95

Buy the tumbler here.

Buy the six-pack holder/cooler here.

11. NFL New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Champion Embossed Trifold Wallet

super bowl 2015 champs gear


This leather wallet boats a trifold design. It can hold six credit cards, plus there’s a clear slot for your license, and two other sleeves for cash. Also, it comes in a gift tin, which makes this an ideal way to present this wallet as a present for Valentine’s Day.

Price: $26.99

Buy it here.

12. 2015 Super Bowl Champs Patriots Collectibles

super bowl 2015 collectibles

(Forever Collectibles)

Need something cute to show your Pats pride at work? Either the Super Bowl champs teddy bear or garden gnome would both be great decorations for your cube, office, or home. They’d also make a great gift for your kids, or as a little gift for Valentine’s Day. This would also make a great gag gift to give to any Seahawks fan in your life.

Price: $19.55-$25.29

Buy the gnome here.

Buy the teddy bear here.

13. New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Acrylic Keyring

2015 super bowl keyring


You’ve gotta keep your keys somewhere. With this Pats keyring, you’ll always carry the memory of Super Bowl XLIX with you, no matter where you travel. This simple keyring is a subtle, inexpensive way to show your Pats pride year-round.

Price: $9.99

Buy it here.

14. New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Champions

super bowl 2015 champs gear


With snow, salt, slush, and general winter muck all over the ground in New England, it’s probably time for you to buy new car floor mats and door mats for your house anyway. These Super Bowl 2015 championship mats are a great way to keep your floors dry and your football pride showing all winter long.

Price: $19.18-$26.57

Buy the doormat here.

Buy the car floor mats here.

15. New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Champions ‘Champion Choice’ Long Sleeve Shirt

super bowl 2015 apparel


For those days when a hoodie is too warm and a T-shirt is too cold, a long sleeve tee is the perfect way to stay comfy. This is a great casual shirt with authentic Super Bowl graphics. It’s an affordable, fashionable way to demonstrate your loyalty to New England football.

Price: $24.95

Buy it here.

16. New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Champions Collectibles

super bowl 2015 champs collectibles

(Highland Mint)

Need something cool to put on the wall of your man cave? These collectible wall hangings are the perfect way to spruce up any room in your house that is dedicated to football, the Pats, or sports in general.

Pictured above on the right is the New England Patriots Super Bowl 49 Signature Ticket plaque set from the Highland Mint. Each set contains a replica of the Super Bowl XLIX ticket, along with facsimile signatures from the whole team. Only 5,000 sets will be made, and each will come with a certificate of authenticity.

Another Highland Mint offering is pictured above on the left. That commemorative plaque features an 8×10 photo of the of the New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX champions on-field celebration. Each individually numbered photo is highlighted with a silver plate Super Bowl XLIX champion’s coin, and a silver plate Super Bowl XLIX commemorative coin. This is also a limited edition of just 5,000.

Price: $54.99-$99.99

Buy the signed ticket here.

Buy the silver coin set here.

17. NFL New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Champion Chrome License Plate Frame

super bowl 2015 gear


Your home, office, and body aren’t the only things you can decorate to show your Pats pride. This license plate frame is a great way to tell everyone on the road that you support the greatest team in football. While shipping estimates say this could take over a week to get to you, this Pats gear is an awesome way to remind everyone that you love the team that won this year’s Super Bowl.

Price: $14.99

Buy it here.

18. NFL New England Patriots Superbowl Champions Window Film

super bowl xlix window decal

(Fremont Die)

Speaking of your car, this window film is a great accessory for any Pats fan. The film features one-way vision and adheres easily to the inside window of any vehicle. It’s also made in the USA, which makes it an appropriate choice for fans of the Patriots.

Price: $8.99

Buy it here.

19. NFL New England Patriots 2014 Super Bowl XLIX Champions Tapestry Throw

super bowl 2015 merchandise


It gets cold in New England, so football fans will want to stay warm with this cozy throw. It measures 48 inches by 60 inches, and is officially licensed. Please note that the image above is a placeholder, and the real item will ship without the “TBD” areas. Whether you hang it on the wall of your den or snuggle up underneath it on the couch, this woven throw is the perfect home accessory for any household that supports Tom Brady.

Price: $43.99

Buy it here.

20. 2015 NFL Super Bowl XLIX Champion New England Patriots Women’s Steady VI Tee

ladies super bowl 2015 shirt


Ladies, this is the shirt for you. It’s cute, flatters your figure, and shows how much you love the New England Patriots. Guys, if you’re looking for a shirt for your girlfriend or wife, this is a solid choice.

Price: $25

Buy it here.

21. NFL New England Patriots Superbowl Champions Parking Sign

super bowl 2015 merch

(Fremont Die)

This great parking sign shows off your Super Bowl pride. This Pats fan item would look great above the couch in your man cave, in your garage, or on the outside of your house near your parking space. It can also be used to decorate your office, or even given as a gift to a fellow Pats fan.

Price: $13.99

Buy it here.

22. New England Patriots Super Bowl 49 Champs Glassware

super bowl 2015 glasses


Whether your tastes run to beer or red wine, these gorgeous glasses are the perfect addition to your home bar. The wine glasses hold 12 ounces, while the pilsner glasses hold 16 ounces. They are great for drinking while watching a game, or for enjoying a toast any time of year.

Price: $18.95

Buy the wine glass here.

Buy the beer glass here.

23. New England Patriots Majestic Super Bowl XLIX Champions Roster T-Shirt

super bowl 2015 champs shirt


Looking for a shirt that has graphics on both sides? This shirt from Majestic lets you commemorate the Patriots Super Bowl win all year long. The shirt is lightweight, with a rib-knit collar.

Price: $28.99

Buy it here.

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