Sean MacDonald & Adam Nagel: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Curt Schilling defended his daughter she was sent vulgar and sexually explicit tweets from Sean MacDonald and Adam Nagel. (Getty)

Curt Schilling defended his daughter she was sent vulgar and sexually explicit tweets from Sean MacDonald and Adam Nagel. (Getty)

Adam Nagel, a college student, and Sean MacDonald, a New York Yankees‘ employee, were identified as two of the Twitter trolls who sent sexually explicit tweets to Curt Schilling and his daughter Gabby.

Schilling tweeted a note on February 25, congratulating his daughter, Gabby, for deciding to attend Salve Regina University in Rhode Island next year to play for the softball team.

Immediately tweeters hit the social media outlet with mild responses, but it quickly escalated, getting vulgar and violent over the days.

Students from Salve Regina also tweeted harassing remarks, and Curt Schilling appeared on The Dan Patrick Show Tuesday morning and said those trolls have been dealt with.

Schilling came to his daughter’s defense March 1 on his 38 Pitches blog.

Here’s what you need to know about Nagel and MacDonald:

1. MacDonald Was Hired by the Yankees in January

The Yankees hired MacDonald in January to be a part-time ticket seller.

Jason Zillo, the Yankees’ director of communications, said MacDonald worked only 18 hours for the team.

Zillo confirmed the firing to

We have zero tolerance for anything like this. We’ve terminated him.

Recently graduated, MacDonald was a former vice president of the Theta Xi fraternity at Montclair State University in New Jersey.

His fraternity posted on social media:

…inappropriate and offensive tweets that were posted by an alumnus of Theta Xi Fraternity. We agree wholeheartedly that cyber-bullying is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

2. Nagel Is a Community College Student in New Jersey

Adam Nagel (Twitter)

Adam Nagel (Twitter)

Adam Nagel is a student at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey and college officials said has been suspended pending an official conduct review.

Nagel had a one-hour weekly show on WBJB’s student radio station.

The school said in a statement:

…the Twitter comments posted by this student are unacceptable and clearly violate the standards of conduct that are expected of all Brookdale students. The student has been summarily suspended and will be scheduled for a conduct hearing where further disciplinary action will be taken. … The Brookdale Police are actively investigating this matter. Our sincerest apologies to Gabby Schilling. Her achievement should be celebrated and not clouded by offensive comments.

3. Both of Their Twitter Accounts Have Been Deactivated

MacDonald was posting under “Hollywood @primetime 227″ and Nagel was “The Sports Guru @Nagels_bagels.”

Both accounts have since been deactivated.

MacDonald and Nagel have also declined numerous media attempts for comment.

4. Schilling Outed the Pair in a Blog Post Defending His Daughter

Schilling with his wife Shonda. (Getty)

Schilling with his wife Shonda. (Getty)

Schilling wrote a post on his blog 38 Pitches on March 1. Read the post here, but be warned, the tweets are graphic. Schilling took screenshots of the tweets and posted them in his blog.

Schilling also appeared on The Dan Patrick Show Tuesday morning and explained why he reacted the way he did:

5. Gabby Is a High School Senior



Gabby is a 17-year-old senior at Medfield High in Medfield, Massachusetts. She has agreed to play softball for the NCAA Division III Salve Regina Seahawks after being accepted to the school. Like her father, Gabby is a pitcher.

Curt Schilling and his wife Shonda have four children in all: Gehrig, the oldest, then Gabby, Grant and Garrison.