Stacey Flounders: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Stacey Flounders is the ex-girlfriend of English soccer star Adam Johnson. He’s been arrested, accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl. On February 10, 2016, Johnson appeared in court in England. The Daily Telegraph reports that he pleaded guilty to one charge of grooming a schoolgirl and one charge of kissing her in a sexual manner. Johnson denies the two counts of sex with the 15-year-old and will stand trial on those charges. A day after this appearance, Johnson was fired by his team, Sunderland, and his sponsor, Adidas.

In her appearance on the stand in the case on February 25, Flounders said that she and Johnson were no longer together but were “going to remain friends.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Johnson & Flounders Lived Together in a $3 Million Mansion

Police raided Johnson’s home on March 2 after the accusations were made. The Daily Mirror reports that three cruisers with plain clothes officers went to Johnson’s home in County Durham in the north of England. The paper says that forensic officers were at the home and were focusing on the garage of the house. The age of sexual consent in the United Kingdom is 16. It’s unclear if Flounders, 25, was home at the time of the raid.

The BBC reports that Johnson is helping police with their enquiries. An official statement from police in Durham said, “A 27-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of sexual activity with a girl aged under 16. He remains in police custody.” After the raid, cops allegedly found a gun at Johnson’s home, which is worth $2.8 million, reports the Daily Telegraph, it was legally registered. One of his neighbors told The Sun, “All the main activity was between 9:15 a.m. and 9:35 a.m. Three undercover cars and a scenes of crime van arrived. You could tell they were police officers. I haven’t seen the player all day. I just assumed there had been a burglary. As far as I know he lives there with his girlfriend.”

2. The Couple Just Had a Baby

According to Flounders’ Facebook page, she and Johnson had just had a baby. On January 24, she posted pictures of a newborn baby girl, with her friends leaving comments of congratulations. Back in November 2014, she posted pics of a baby shower which showed her to be pregnant. The couple’s baby daughter, Ayla, is two months old.

3. She Initially Said She Would Stand by Johnson

Flounders’ mother told the Daily Mirror in the UK that her daughter and Johnson were still “very close” and “absolutely still together.” She added, “He hasn’t been found guilty of anything. He is a great lad and has not done anything wrong. This is a horrible situation.”

3. She’s a Quiet Girl From the North of England

Flounders is a native of Hartlepool in the north of England, close to where Adam Johnson is from in Sunderland. The team he also plays for. The couple live in County Durham, which is close to where they both hail from and where Johnson’s parents live, according to the Daily Mail. An article about Stacey from 2012, noted that she “isn’t one to hog the spotlight.” On the day of Johnson’s arrest, the Mail reported that the couple got together in 2012 when Johnson transferred from Manchester City to Sunderland. That article says that the couple “opted to live near the quiet hamlet of Castle Eden to get away from the bright lights of city life.”

5. Johnson Lost His Last Girlfriend After Paying for a Date With Another Girl

Adam Johnson Sophie Reade

Adam Johnson’s former girlfriend Sophie Reade. (Getty)

Back in September 2010, Johnson’s ex-girlfriend glamor model Sophie Reade dumped Johnson because he bought a date with model Katie Price at an auction. The Daily Star reported at the time that Adam was “desperate to win her back.”

Johnson, 27, played for Sunderland against Manchester United on February 28, just days before his arrest. He is the team’s top scorer this season with five goals. The BBC confirmed shortly after news of Johnson’s arrest that Sunderland had suspended the winger pending the investigation.