Danny Ings: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

danny ings, danny ings goal

Danny Ings celebrates scoring against West Brom. (Getty)

Danny Ings is one of the most promising home-grown talents in England, proving this season that he has the ability to score goals within the Premier League as well as England’s second tier of soccer: The Sky Bet Championship. He’s also, by all appearances, a damn nice guy.

With his contract at Burnley FC due to expire at the end of the season, Ings will be high on the list of transfer priorities for any club in Europe looking for a proven young striker on the cheap.

Here’s what you need to know about man who will, for one lucky team, undoubtedly be this summer’s best-value signing:

1. His Contract is up This Summer, and He Won’t be Staying at Burnley

danny ings goal, danny ings burnley

Ings, scoring against Man United (Getty)

Danny Ings signed a four-year contract with Burnley FC in 2011, when the Lancashire club bought him from Bournemouth for a fee of $1.6 million. That contract is due to expire this summer and, with a host of clubs lining up to acquire the 22-year-old’s services, it’s extremely unlikely he’ll be sticking around with The Clarets next season.

Despite being out-of-contract, Burnley will still receive compensation of around $4.5 million if Ings signs for a fellow English team. The suits at Turf Moor will be hoping, therefore, that rumored interest from Manchester United and Liverpool (among others) bears fruit.

However, if Ings instead opts for one of the European teams credited with an interest in the striker – Real Sociedad, for example – Burnley will receive little more than $300,000 in compensation.

2. He was Burnley’s Top Scorer in 2013-14, and Sky Bet Championship Player of the Year

danny ings burnley, burnley promotion

Ings celebrates Burnley’s promotion to the Premier League (Getty)

Ings scored 26 goals in all appearances for Burnley last season, helping The Clarets to automatic promotion into the Premier League. It was a haul that earned him the title of Championship Player of the Year.
In his first year of Premier League football, Ings has already notched up nine goals, including strikes against Manchester United and Everton, as well as an assist against Manchester City. He’s on course to be Burnley’s top scorer again this season.

While the majority of Ings’ goals are instinctive, poaching finishes – examples of being in the right place at just the right time – he is nevertheless capable of the spectacular, as the below (albeit during a training session) testifies:

3. His Boots – and his Kindness – Went Viral in 2013

danny ings boots

Danny Ings gives his boots to a young supporter (Twitter)

It’s a tradition at Burnley FC for players to give their boots to fans after the last game of the season. At the end of the 2012-13 campaign, Ings ran 50 yards to give his boots to 13-year-old Joseph Skinner, a life-long Clarets fan who also happens to be disabled.

Captured by the club’s official photographer, the image of Ings handing over his boots and kissing Joseph on the forehead quickly went viral, earning him praise from all corners for an act of tenderness rarely seen within professional football.

Joseph described the incident as: “the best day of my life.”

4. He’s set up His own Charitable Foundation

danny ings burnley, danny ings goal

Ings celebrating against Crystal Palaca (getty)

Ings may only be 22, merely at the outset of his footballing career, but he’s already established his own foundation: the Danny Ings Disability Project. Set up in late 2014, the foundation – wholly funded by Ings – aims to provide soccer coaching to children with disabilities and learning difficulties at schools within the Burnley area, as well as establishing Burnley’s first disabled soccer team.

As well as putting up the cash, Ings also intends to run many of the coaching sessions himself.

5. Danny Ings: Dancing With the Stars Champion, 2025?

danny ings burnley

Ings evades a tackle from Morgan Amanfitano (Getty)

Whenever the Burnley striker decides to hang up his soccer boots, a career on the dance floor beckons. The multi-faceted Ings’ skill-set doesn’t stop at goal-scoring and philanthropy: the kid can move.

And just to prove it wasn’t a one-off, here’s another:

Ball(room danc)er.