Wladimir Klitschko Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



When it comes to arriving at heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko’s net worth- his diversified income of ring earnings, endorsement deals, promotion company profits, investments, real estate, and assets makes it a complicated enterprise. But one things is clear, it all adds up to one a helluva trove worthy of a titanic champion like the mighty Wladimir Klitschko.

Here is what you need to know about Dr. Steelhammer’s earnings:

1. Wladimir Klitschko’s Ring Earnings



As one of today’s most decorated and well-known athletes,  IBF, WBA, WBO, IBO, and RING champion Wladimir Klitschko’s appearances in the ring don’t come cheap– he has earned over $100 million in career ring-earnings.

Boxing salaries are based on percentages made off of a ‘purse.’ When two boxers agree to fight, a purse bid is held to determine which promotion company will promote the fight. The fighters will then earn a percentage from the purse based on popularity (who draws the most audience), titles held, promotion companies involved, and other shady and legit variables.

Klitsch and David Hayes agreed to a 50-50 split in 2011, and each walked away with jaw-dropping $22.5 million (£15 million).

Facing off against Alexander Povetkin in 2013, Klitschko made off with 75% of the whopping $23 million purse,  $17.5 million.

In last year’s fight with Kubrat Pulev, Klitschko earned 80% of the $7 million purse, a modest $5 million.

In 2014, Forbes rated Steelhammer the 25th highest paid athlete, with rings earnings of $24 million that year alone.

2. Wladimir Klitschko’s Endorsements



While boxing doesn’t command the same audience as soccer, football, or baseball, the top stars of the sport are still raking it in with corporate sponsorships and in product endorsements.

Training equipment and programs, clothing, vodka? All aboard. According to Forbes, Wladimir Klitschko made cool $4 million in endorsements last year which included deals with German companies Mercedes-Benz, McFit, Strellson, and Warsteiner.

3. Wladimir Klitschko’s Promotion Company



In 2003 Wladimir, brother Vitali, and boxing manager Tom Loeffler founded K2 Promotions and since have built up their company’s stable of fighters to include the likes of  world champions Gennady Golovkin, Mike Perez, and Afolabi Ola.

It’s impossible to say how much income K2 and other pro boxing ventures are bringing in for the Klitschko brothers. But as one of the power- players in European and Eastern-European professional boxing, the sons of a Soviet helicopter pilot have been treated well by the business side of the sweet science.

4. Wladimir Klitschko’s Other Business Ventures



In addition to boxing, the over-achieving siblings have demonstrated, with as many punches they’ve taken, to have a good head for business. Artist and athlete management, hotels, film distribution, internet start-ups— the Klitschkos have successfully dabbled in just about everything.

Wladimir Klitschko takes what he’s learned in the ring when he enters a boardroom: “You have to get back up again and push yourself further to become victorious – that is what counts. I am more an optimist than a pessimist, and in a crisis you can really do something positive for the future,” Wlad said at a 2012 Mannheim fund conference. “With investments, it is better to buy at the lowest point, of course, but it can be difficult to know when that lowest point is.”

Check out Dr. Steelhammer accept ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ in 2014:

Wladimir Klitschko – Entrepreneur of the year award 2014Video-speech of Wladimir Klitschko (11 Mirrors) on occasion of the nomination for the Entrepreneur of the Year award 2014 (Connoisseur Circle). The award ceremony took place during the 360° Luxury Networking Event hosted by Lobster Group and Connoisseur Circle in March 2014. Video-Ansprache von Wladimir Klitschko (11 Mirrors) anlässlich seiner Nominierung für den Entrepreneur of…2014-04-04T14:33:46.000Z

5. Wladimir Klitschko’s Philanthropic Activities & Charities



Partnered up with various charities from anti-illiteracy groups to UNESCO to the Council of Europe, Wladimir Klitschko has used his influence, recognition, and resources to further and promote causes dear to him.

Through the Klitschko Foundation, the brothers have shaped Ukrainian youth’s lives through outreach, education, and seeks “to advise the government on the development of sport and education in Ukraine for the physical, spiritual and intellectual formation of the young generation.”

In touching display of giving, in 2012 Wladimir auctioned off his 1996 Olympic gold medal for $1 million dollars, with the proceed going to Ukrainian children.

“This medal has brought success to Vitali and me. It has become the basis of our professional success and key that opened a lot of doors for us,” Wladamir said. “Our dream has become a reality. And thanks to the funds that were paid for the medal by the benefactor, we will also [help] the dreams of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children. On behalf of these children, their parents and teachers, I thank you for the wellbeing of the people.”

Watch Wladimir’s request to the Western world:

Wladimir's request to the Western world: Don't leave the Ukrainians alone!Wladimir's request to the Western world: Don't leave the Ukrainians alone! Watch the Klitschko Brothers' most epic fights! youtube.com/watch?v=piP8m9C01MU&list=PLTT6GjRQUT8qFNC-mdIY3vT_tqT5s4zl- Klitschko vs. Chambers: See the full fight here! youtube.com/watch?v=dIrwJna8vvk&list=PLTT6GjRQUT8ou39K_qLEWePEeJAueRrgY Watch the highlights of the Klitschko Brothers' best fights at Fight night highlights: youtube.com/watch?v=3X_8iqBrsj0&list=PLTT6GjRQUT8rXdFmUr4Ab50v9oaXrbZdW Klitschko vs. Pianeta – The whole story, from training to the fight: youtube.com/watch?v=3X_8iqBrsj0&list=PLTT6GjRQUT8o5DzXq-pAsA_bDfjDtoqNT…2014-01-27T09:16:24.000Z
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