Holly Sonders: The Pictures You Need to See

Holly Sonders (real name Holly Niederkohr) playing career fizzled out near the end of her collegiate career, but she hasn't let that stop her from becoming one of the most popular figures in the sport of golf. When major knee surgery ended whatever hope Sonders had of playing professionally, she turned her attention towards broadcasting. Ever since, it has been a meteoric rise to fame for the now 28-year-old. She graduated in 2009, joined the Golf Channel in 2011 and was soon a national name featuring in "Morning Drive" and several other shows. By 2013, she was popular enough to grace the cover of Golf Digest. Now, Sonders works for Fox Sports. She created some controversy during the men's US Open that may have led to her reassignment for the women's tournament, but she's still a major part of the team. With Sonders' popularity sure to only keep growing, click through to see the talented on-air personality in action. (Getty)

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