Matt Kelly, Marc Leishman’s Caddie: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Matt Kelly, Marc Leishman's caddie. (Getty)

Matt Kelly, Marc Leishman’s caddie. (Getty)

Matt Kelly is the caddie for golf pro Marc Leishman.

The two have been lifelong friends since growing up in Australia.

There’s been controversy and tragedy over the years for Kelly, but the two have maintained their strong bond.

Here’s what you need to know about Kelly:

1. Kelly Began Caddying For Leishman In 2007



Kelly began his job at Leishmans caddie in 2007 at the HSBC Champions event in China.

Kelly was on the bag when Leishman picked up his only PGA Tour victory at the 2012 Travelers Championship.

Leishman, though, has seen his game get better and better over the years.

In the most recent World Golf Rankings, Leishman was 61st.

He finished 2014 at No. 46.

2. They Are Lifelong Friends From Australia



Leishman, 31, and Kelly have been friends for years.

Their friendship dates to their growing up in Australia.

Both are from Warrnambool, Victoria.

3. Kelly Fought Another Caddie at the 2012 Australian Open



It hasn’t always been rosy for Kelly.

Back at the Australian Open in 2012, Kelly and another caddie came to blows on the course’s putting green the day of the tournament.

Kelly and Grant Buchanan, who was on the bag for James Nitties at the time, got into the physical altercation, something you don’t see on the golf course every day.

Buchanan told Sports Illustrated at the time, Kelly had started the fight:

Matt was a good friend of mine, [or] so I thought. He said some things that offended me and I approached him to clarify it and clear the air, and he pretty much laughed in my face.

Leishman said of the incident:

I don’t think me or Matty have got anything to worry about. I was there and he [Kelly] didn’t do anything. He stood there, copped what he got and didn’t do anything apart from that. I was proud of him, to be honest.

4. Kelly Lost a Friend In a Tragic Surfing Accident

In August 2014, Kelly lost a friend, Peter Luke, in a tragic surfing accident in Indonesia.

Luke was hit by a large wave in the incident.

Kelly returned home to Australia to grieve.

He was replaced on Leishman’s bag by Sam Pinfold for the Barclays Championship, which was the first of the 4 FedEx Cup playoff events.

5. Leishman Skipped the Aussie Open to go to Kelly’s Wedding

Kelly was married in 2014 and it caused Leishman to skip the Australian Open.

Kelly, who met his wife while working as a caddie, was married in Jacksonville, Florida.

It’s where he lives now.

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