Photos: Kim Sears, Andy Murray’s Wife

Andy Murray and his wife Kim Sears have been together for 10 years, marrying just last April in Murray's home town of Dunblane. Yet while they were greeted by cheering crowds in Scotland, it's fair to say that the British public's opinion of Murray and Sears has been something of a mixed bag. During his earlier career, Murray was perceived to be a bit of a whinger; a sulky teenager who would mope around the court and blame everybody but himself when defeated. He just wasn't as thoroughly nice a chap as that lovely loser Tim Henman (and thank God for that). For her part, Sears was the slightly distant, stuck-up girl from the Home Counties who looked like she knew better than everyone else. But ever since her now husband broke down after losing the 2012 Wimbledon final, and appeared in a documentary that showed him to be a funny, sensitive and deeply driven individual, the couple have been the darlings of the British media. Of course, becoming the first British man to win Wimbledon in 77 years didn't do any harm, either. Click through to read more about their relationship together, their ups and downs and marriage earlier this year. (Instagram)

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