Prince Fielder’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Prince Fielder is a 6-time All-Star. (Getty)

Prince Fielder is a 6-time All-Star. (Getty)

He makes $24 million a year to hit a baseball. That’s not bad. But it’s not easy, though Texas Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder makes it look that way.

At 5-foot-11 and 275 pounds he can not only knock the ball out of the park, but can hit for average. At the All-Star Break of 2015, he was batting .339, second in the American League.

Like I said, he makes it look easy on the field. But it hasn’t always been so off it for Prince. Between a strained relationship with his father and a near-divorce, things weren’t so great for the Fielders over the past few years.

But now the off-the-field pieces seem to be falling into place, too.

Here’s what you need to know about Fielder’s family:

1. Prince’s Father Was Ex-MLB Slugger Cecil Fielder

Cecil Fielder has 319 career home runs. (Getty)

Cecil Fielder has 319 career home runs. (Getty)

If you’re a fan of baseball, you remember Prince’s father, Cecil Fielder.

Cecil is most remembered for his time with the Tigers and Yankees in the 1990s when he was hitting home runs in bunches. He was a 3-time All-Star, 3-time American League RBI champion and 2-time AL Home Run king, clubbing 51 in 1990, his first year with the Tigers.

His career ended in 1998 when he played for the Angels and Indians, but didn’t make an impact with either team.

A story in The Detroit News from 2004 claimed Fielder was suffering from domestic and gambling problems and the first baseman sued for libel. The case was thrown out of court.

Cecil is currently married to Angie Fielder, his second wife. She is not Prince’s mother.

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2. His Mother Stacey Was Once Mrs. Michigan

Stacey Lynn Granger is Prince's mother. (Twitter)

Stacey Lynn Granger is Prince’s mother. (Twitter)

Prince’s mother was a star as well. Stacey Lynn Granger was married to Cecil Fielder from 1983-2004.

The former fitness model and trainer was named Mrs. Michigan in 1994.

Now Stacey August, she is founder and CEO of Leagues Of Their Own, Inc., a wealth empowerment impact organization for women and children of sport; and CEO of Players Choice Wealth Care Network Solutions, a pro sports coaching and consulting firm.

She is also an author. Penning “Stealing Home – On A Fielder’s Choice,” which is a spiritual memoir.

3. Prince & Cecil Are Repairing Their Strained Relationship

Prince Fielder and his father Cecil had a strained relationship for years. (Getty)

Prince Fielder and his father Cecil had a strained relationship for years. (Getty)

When Cecil was playing with the Tigers, Prince would often come to the stadium and hang out with the players and take batting practice.

At 12, Prince hit a home run into the upper deck of Tigers Stadium. Cecil and Prince are the only father-son duo each with a 50-homer season on their resume.

But because of the gambling problems and divorce from Prince’s mother Stacey, the two hadn’t been on speaking terms for years. In recent years, though, they have started to put the pieces back together.

Prince told USA Today in March 2015 of the repaired relationship:

Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Real cool.

4. Prince & Wife Chanel Have Been Married Since 2005


Prince and his wife Chanel were married during the Triple-A All-Star break of 2005, when Prince was a member of the Nashville Sounds.

But things weren’t going so well and Fielder filed for divorce in May 2013. The couple didn’t give up, though. And when Prince was being introduced as the newest Ranger in March 2014, Chanel was by her husband’s side.

She is quite active on social media, mostly on Instagram. On her account you’ll see she is a big fan of her family and friends. You can follow her @chanelfielder.

5. Prince Has 2 Sons & a Sister



Prince and Chanel have 2 young sons, Jadyn and Haven. The two were staples at the ball park, but when Prince and Chanel were having problems, he didn’t see them as much.

A neck injury in 2014 forced him to miss most of the season, but Prince said it was a blessing in disguise as he got plenty of time to spend with his boys. He told USA Today:

Looking back, getting hurt might have been the best thing that could have happened to me. Just having that year off, everything is so good now. It’s just such a good feeling. I’m happy again.

Cecil and Stacey also had a daughter, Ceclynn.

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