Molly McGrath: The Pictures You Need to See

Molly McGrath's sudden rise through the broadcasting ranks has been nothing short of spectacular. Working her way through one of the most competitive industries, she has gone from Boston College senior to lead college football sideline reporter for FOX Sports 1 in a matter of four years. Perhaps just as impressive as that meteoric rise is McGrath's versatility. Formerly working with the NBA's Boston Celtics, she now does sideline reporting for the NFL and college basketball, as well as college football. And in addition to sideline reporting, she's an anchor and co-host for Fox Sports 1's "America's Pregame," she helped out on Fox's coverage of the US Open in June and she recently co-hosted ABC's "Battlebots". You aren't going to find many people who are capable of going from interviewing Rusell Wilson post-game to hosting a television show about robots trying to kill each other. McGrath's climb has been thoroughly impressive, and 26, she's only going to continue to gain popularity. Click through to learn more about her. (Instagram/mollyamcgrath)