Julianna Zobrist, Ben’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ben Zobrist wife, Julianna Zobrist, Kansas City Royals, MLB

Ben Zobrist has been one of the biggest names in Kansas City since joining the Royals this season. Meet the reason he’s so successful; his wife. (Facebook)

There’s a whole lot of talent in the Zobrist household. And it isn’t just contained to Ben Zobrist’s bat.

It’s also his wife; Julianna.

A popular Christian singer in her own right, Julianna has found success of her own over the past few years, recording her own music and joining with her husband to release their joint autobiography last year.

Now, as Ben goes after a World Series title with the Kansas City Royals, Julianna will be along for the ride. Who knows, maybe this’ll make into a song someday.

Here’s what you need to know about Julianna:

1. Zobrist Is a Successful Christian Music Singer

Julianna Zobrist – The Dawn – Official Video"Alive" is available now at smarturl.it/JZAliveiTunes "The Dawn" is available now at smarturl.it/The_Dawn juliannazobrist.com Instagram: instagram.com/juliannazobrist/2015-06-27T02:39:59Z

Julianna’s first brush with music came at a young age when she started taking classical piano lessons at age seven. She went on to pursue voice study and piano lessons in Nashville, Tennessee, working various jobs in the music industry management.

When she was 21, Julianna received a keyboard, microphone and laptop from Ben on their wedding day and she started turning her poems into songs. Together, the couple started speaking and performing at churches, conferences, and schools, sharing a message of joy and hope in Christ with audiences nationwide.

Julianna released her first EP, Say It Now, in April 2012 and has since released her second album, The Tree.

2. She & Ben Started Their Relationship in 2001 Over Instant Messenger

Ben Zobrist wife, Julianna Zobrist, Kansas City Royals, MLB

The Zobrists are still going strong after first IM’ing each other over a decade ago. (Facebook)

Julianna and Ben’s relationship began innocently, in a way that most relationships did during the early 2000’s; on Instant Messenger. After several years of dates and talking and flirting, the pair officially tied the knot in 2005 during a mid-December wedding. They both wore white.

Julianna told The Tampa Bay Times:

It wasn’t flirting and physical attraction that made me decide to date him. Of course we were attracted to each other but it was more than that. It was a lot of prayer and heavy leaning on my heart. I loved the way that he was so thoughtful. Our conversations were always purposeful. I felt safe with him. It was that way from the beginning. Of course, because we were long distance, our first real date was totally awkward. We had to learn how to actually be in the same place.

The pair bonded over their dedication to their faith and their hopes on raising a family together.

3. The Zobrists Released Their Book, ‘Double Play: Faith & Family First’ in 2014

'Double Play: Faith and Family First' by Ben & Julianna ZobristMeet Tampa Bay Rays player Zobrist and his wife, Christian singer Julianna, and discover how they keep God at the center of their marriage, family, and careers. To purchase the book Double Play at Christianbook.com, visit: christianbook.com/double-play-faith-and-family-first/ben-zobrist/9781433683312/pd/683312?p=11486082014-06-13T15:34:40Z

In 2014, while Zobrist was still playing with the Tampa Bay Rays, he and Jamie released a joint autobiography, titled Double Play: Faith and Family First. The book dealt with everything from Zobrist’s anxiety and depression after being sent to the minor leagues in 2007 as well as the incredibly personal reveal that Julianna had been sexually molested when she was just 12 years old.

She described the decision to share the moment with the world:

It was a struggle deciding what to share. There are things in our lives we aren’t proud of and the story of what happened to me as a girl at camp, the molestation, that’s not something easy to share. We took those parts out and read it, and then we put them back in. Without the tougher parts, it didn’t make sense. It was like playing a song on a piano made of only white keys.

The couple said that they hoped that their stories would help inspire others and show how, by sharing the deepest parts of yourself with your partner, can actually help build the foundation of a relationship.

The Zobrists had no plans to write a book originally, but were approached by B&H Publishing Group and starting working with writer Mike Yorkey on the 243-page story.

4. She & Ben Are Parents to Two Children

Ben Zobrist wife, Julianna Zobrist, Kansas City Royals, MLB

The Zobrist family has taken Kansas City by storm this year. In fact, they’ve already been featured on a handful of local news shows. (Facebook)

It’s always a little hectic in the Zobrist household. After all, when you’re trying to raise two children, balance a pro baseball schedule and recording gigs, things can get a little bit crazy.

Ben and Julianna haven’t missed a beat yet. The pair are dedicated parents to both their children; son Zion Benjamin and daughter Kruse Allegra, and even find a way to make time for each other. When they were married, the pair made a pact to never be apart for more than six days at a time.

It’s one they’ve kept.

The Zobrists follow Ben to spring training every year and live with Ben during the MLB season. Then, when baseball wraps up, the family packs everything together and head back to Nashville, their home base.

Julianna and Ben area also expecting their third child any day now.

5. Zobrist Grew Up in a Religion-Centered Home

Ben Zobrist wife, Julianna Zobrist, Kansas City Royals, MLB

Zobrist grew up in Iowa with a faith-focused family and seven brothers and sisters. (Facebook)

The fourth of eight children, Julianna says she spent “much of my childhood was spent trying to keep up with the big kids.” She found a chance to shine in her music and also a sense of acceptance in her faith.

Her father is a pastor of an evangelical church in Iowa and while Julianna was young, she spent much of her time at the church. It’s a dedication that she’s kept throughout her life and one that continues to influence her decisions every single day. She wrote:

I have believed in God ever since I was a little girl, and although most of my understanding was fairly elementary, I never doubted His existence. I have believed in God ever since I was a little girl, and although most of my understanding was fairly elementary, I never doubted His existence.

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