Daniela Ospina, James Rodriguez’ Wife: The Photos You Need to See

Meet the wife of Real Madrid star midfielder James Rodriguez. Daniela Ospina, 23, is a year younger than her husband and the couple have been married for almost five years. They are both from Colombia and she is the younger sister of Arsenal goalie David Ospina. Own goals aside, Ospina -- who introduced James and Daniela to wone another --has been Colombia's first-choice goalie for several years and has racked up close to 60 caps for his country. Athletes run in both the Rodriguez and Ospina families; James' father was a professional soccer player in Colombia while Daniela played volleyball throughout her upbringing and competed in the professional ranks in both Colombia and Portugal. Prior to joining Real Madrid for a near-record fee, Rodriguez enjoyed spells at Porto and Monaco. Click through to see some photos of Daniela. (Instagram: @daniela_ospina5)

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