Blown Call Costs Detroit the Game: The Reactions & Tweets You Need to Read

A terrible call made during the Detroit Lions vs. the Seattle Seahawks game has gotten a huge amount of attention. A blown call would have given the Lions the ball on the goal line with 1:45 to score. But some fans say it’s the Lions’ fault for not realizing the error right away and raising hell.

Here are the tweets and reactions that you need to see:

1. Sports Officials Are Angry

Sports officials are MAD. Dean Blandino, the VP of officiating for the NFL, made the statement above. And Skip Bayless tweeted an angry message about the call:

Here is the exact rule, in case you’re wondering:

2. Fans Are Livid About the Call

Fans are livid about the call. They say it could change the entire outcome of the season and someone should be held accountable. Even Pete Carroll, the coach for the Seattle Seahawks, said during a press conference after the game that the refs had missed that call.

3. Some Say It’s Still the Lions’ Fault

Some fans are trying to blame the victim by saying this is still the Lions’ fault, because they should have seen the wrong call right away and raised hell about it. Not a lot of people are jumping on this theory though. Not to mention, this was a “non-reviewable” missed call, meaning even if the Lions had known immediately, they couldn’t have challenged the call.

4. Others Are Calling for Penalties and Fines on the Referees

Many fans are so livid that they’re calling for referees to be subject to fines and penalties if they make game-changing bad calls like that. What do you think?

5. Meanwhile, Quite a Few Memes Are Being Born

This call is uniting a lot of fans in creating some hilarious memes, such as the one above. Here are some more:

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