Holly Holm & Jeff Kirkpatrick: The Photos You Need to See

"Well, we're just here to beat up a girl today," is the relaxing and supportive statement Holly Holm needed to hear from Greg Jackson, one of her coaches, before entering her fight with
Ronda Rousey on Saturday. After a surprising win in which Holm's headkick knocked Rousey out and ended her winning streak, Holm explains in an interview that fighters can get so worked up and psych themselves out beforehand. She says the support of her coaches and teammates really puts her at ease and in the mindset to win. But there's another key player in Holm's support system. Her husband, Jeff Kirkpatrick, is always cheering her on. "I actually didn't have a doubt in my mind," Kirkpatrick told MMA Fighting in an interview after the fight.

Click through for more information about Kirkpatrick and Holm's relationship. (Instagram/ Holly Holm)

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1 Comment


so fight a man….women’s boxing is just another watered-down sport to make women feel falsely empowered