Marisa Mendes Photos: Pictures of Ronaldo’s Girlfriend

The world's most famous soccer player is now dating the daughter of his agent. Tabloids in Portugal are reporting that Cristiano Ronaldo is in a relationship with the daughter of his agent, Marisa Mendes. This news all comes as Ronaldo celebrates the release of the highly panned biopic on his life while struggling on the field for Real Madrid.

Jorge Mendes is Ronaldo's agent and is regarded as one of the most powerful men in soccer, famously negotiating billions of dollars worth of deals for his clients, which include Jose Mourinho and James Rodriguez.

Here are the photos of Ronaldo's new lady that you need to see:




his just deceiving himself the girls are around him for his money and fame.and him on the other hand is with them for fun . he is a star that’s the reason why he is so proud and ignorant he even has the guts to say he is dating many women all at the same time . Fool.