‘Reign’ Season 3: Episode 4 Spoilers

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Reign returns to The CW with a brand-new episode this Friday night and Francis life hangs in the balance. (Facebook)

Alright, we’ve had a week off to prepare ourselves, are we all ready for the Reign drama?

The CW drama returns on Friday night with a brand-new episode, titled “The Price,” and word to the wise for Frary shippers, it’s about to get a little misty in here.

Mary (Adelaide Kane) is desperate for a cure to help save Francis’ life and she has her men searching far and wide for a healer to find an answer – even if she has to pay a price for it. Of course, that price may actually be Mary’s life.

You read that right. Deep breath Frary shippers, we’ll get through this together.

But while Mary’s attention is almost entirely focused on Francis (Toby Regbo), there are court matters for the young queen to attend to still and she’ll be forced to, once again, examine the future of Scotland after receiving a dire message from her mother (Amy Brenneman).

Meanwhile, the recently-wed Narcisse (Craig Parker) will find himself up against Catherine (Megan Follows) as she fights to be named the regent to Charles (Spencer MacPherson). That relationship is also set for an interesting turn, particularly after Francis’ imminent demise.

Showrunner Laurie McCarthy recently told Entertainment Weekly:

Francis’ death shifts the power dynamic at court between Narcisse and Catherine. There’s going to be a huge battle for the regency coming up and a blossoming relationship between Catherine and Narcisse, because his ambition is going to be awakened again.

Still, this might not be the ultimate end for Francis. Regbo is still listed on future episode cast lists, so there may still be some time left for the king.

Reign airs on Friday at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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