WATCH: Bomb Explodes During France v Germany Soccer Game

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An explosion happened during France’s international friendly game with Germany, not that it matters in the absolute slightest but France won 2-0. It followed a gun attack on a restaurant and a hostage situation at a concert hall in Paris where “more than 100 people” were dead in total, reports The Daily Telegraph’s Henry Samuel.

CNN reports that 149 people are dead in total in Paris. Meanwhile the AFP reports that 1,500 extra French soldiers have been deployed on the streets of their nation’s capital.

Other attacks were carried out at four other locations in central Paris, after the suicide bombings at the stadium, which killed at least four people, police say.

This is the aftermath of the bomb that the fans inside the stadium initially cheered:

After the attack, the stadium was evacuated:

A witness, Jim Carroll, told France 24, that he heard a “loud explosion” followed by “Chinese fireworks – a long extended spattering that lasted for fifteen seconds. Then there was another explosion and spattering that lasted for a few seconds like the first one. Within just a minute there were the sounds of the engines.”

He added that the streets around the Stade De France stadium in Saint Denis, a Paris suburb, were then closed.

This is video of the gunfire from within the streets of Paris tonight:

Read more about where the other attacks occurred at the link below:

In something of a response to the attacks, the arch at Wembley stadium in London was turned into the colors of the French flag: