Baker Mayfield & Baillie Burmaster: The Pictures You Need to See

Baker Mayfield is ready for his moment. The Oklahoma quarterback hasn't actually stepped onto the field for quiet some time, so he's more than ready to play football again. In other words he's more than ready to lead the Sooners to a national championship. That quest gets underway on Thursday evening as Oklahoma faces off against Clemson in the college football semifinals. But while Mayfield will be the one heading out to the gridiron, he'll also have a fairly large cheering section on the sideline and that includes his girlfriend, Baillie Burmaster. The pair, who have been together for over a year, made headlines for their inter-state romance earlier this year, but, despite the romantic rivalry, the the two have continued to be each other's biggest source of support. Click through the gallery to check out some of the couple's most photogenic moments and learn about their road to athletic romance. (Instagram)