Chip Kelly’s Next Coaching Job: Top 5 Possible Teams

Chip Kelly is officially out in Philadelphia. The Eagles surprised the football-watching world on Tuesday, announcing that Kelly was fired from the team after almost three years patrolling the sidelines. Kelly's imminent departure had been rumored throughout the season, but few expected it to actually come before the final whistle on Week 17. While this year has been an up-and-down disaster for the Eagles, it's difficult to completely ignore Kelly's success in Philadelphia. The former Oregon coach went 10-6 in each of his first two seasons with the Eagles and notched a Wild Card berth in his first year. On Monday afternoon Kelly told reporters he wasn't worried about his job. "If it's not good enough, it's not good enough," he said. "But I'm going to continue to work as hard as I can and show up early in the morning and stay late at night and continue to work." So, now, the question must be asked; where does Kelly land next? Sure, this season hasn't been pretty. The DeMarco Murray debacle was bad. The yo-yo performance from a team that sometimes looked dominant was also bad. But Kelly won't likely stay sidelined for long. In fact, there are already a handful of rumors sending the coach to different teams in both the NFL and even a few suggestions that he might return to the college game. Let's break down the top five options for Kelly and what he'd be working with on each squad. (Getty)