Colts New Head Coach: Top 5 Candidates


Chuck Pagano is staying with the Colts after all, and agreeing to a four-year extension. GM Ryan Grigson is also getting an extension, despite known inside feuding between the pair. At the press conference, Pagano said, "This is absolutely the best day of my life."

The most accurate defense for keeping Pagano came from one of his own players. Talking to, Colts LB D'Qwell Jackson said on Monday that he didn't "see any reason for change." He said, "I think Chuck is the guy for this team to lead us to the Super Bowl. You look around the league, all the head coaches that have been around for years, there have been off years. If an off year is 8-8, some teams would give their right arm to go 8-8. I don't see a need for change."

When asked earlier this week about his future, Pagano had little concern.

“Like I told you guys a long time ago, I’m going to be fine,” Pagano said. “I’m covered. I’m covered. I got one goal, one focus, and that’s the Tennessee Titans, and getting this team ready to win another football game and give us a chance."

Pagano now has a definite future with the Colts, and Grigson made it known that he believes Pagano is the right man for the job. Meanwhile, the Colts are a team that despite some holes, is set at the league's most difficult position.

We can still pretend and/or look ahead to the future, so take look at some fantasy hires, with photos by Getty: