Chelsea’s New Manager: Top 5 Potential Candidates

Jose Mourinho has officially been sacked, opening a job at one of the world's biggest clubs. It has been a nightmare season for Chelsea, but there's no denying the team has talent. With players like Hazard, Willian and Oscar, the right manager could turn Chelsea around in no time.

Despite the support from ownership, Mourinho has had a uncharacteristic meltdown this year at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea has been abysmal this season, and Mourinho has lost control in his second stint with the team. He's had a dispute with a club doctor, been banished by referees, and was at a loss for words after Chelsea loss at Leicester.

With Mourinho gone, Chelsea can shake off the dirt and move forward. They are still alive in the Champions League, and a manager can take over in time for the January transfer window. Given the size of Chelsea, it's no surprise that some of the biggest managers in the sport are rumored to be Mourinho's successor.

Let's take a look at possible Mourinho successors, with photos by Getty:

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victor damion

he is melt to go and come back again.I wish he best,life goes on.

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