LeBron James’ Wife & Kids: The Pictures You Need to See

LeBron James might be the most famous basketball player in the entire world. His fame has been unstoppable since he was first drafted by the NBA after a standout high school career and he's been the de facto face of the league for over a decade. But James isn't just a basketball player. When he's not on the court, James is a husband and, most importantly, a father. And just like most fathers, James is almost consistently bragging about his kids on social media. In fact, when it comes to sharing insight into his life, James is about as "normal" as it's possible for an NBA player to be. He's a frequent update on Twitter and Instagram (as long as it isn't the playoffs) and every update shows exactly what kind of a family-man James really is. Click through the gallery to check out some of the family's best social media moments and learn more about the James clan. (Instagram)