Mark Dantonio’s Family: Pictures You Need to See

Faith. Family. Football. Those are the three pillars that shape Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio. It took 25 years in college football for Dantonio to finally get his shot, but he's made it count in East Lansing. The Spartans have won double-digit games five times since 2010, and qualified for the College Football Playoff in it's second season.

Dantonio got his coaching career in 1980, as a graduate assistant and the University of Ohio. In 2006, Dantonio was named head coach of the Spartans, their fourth head coach since 2000. What he's has done in East Lansing over that time has been a remarkable transformation. The changes didn't happen with new facilities, or a blue-chip QB prospect. It's through Dantonio's focus on faith and family, and his appreciation for his players and coaches on his staff.

Now in his ninth season at MSU, Dantonio has a great support system. He's loved by coaches and players, who appreciate his honesty and genuine interest in their lives. But the real support is his family, who are nearby for every game. For most Michigan State home games, daughters Kristen and Lauren can be spotted on the sidelines. Kristen recently graduated form MSU, while Lauren is still attending.

Click through to check out some of the best shots of the Dantonio family (Instagram):