NBA Power Rankings Week 9

Have we all woken up from our holiday-focused week? Still all good? Good. That means it's time to refocus our NBA fandom and talk about how the holidays have affected our latest Top 15 here at Heavy. Because, of course, there is some movement on the latest round of rankings after the league's Christmas Day slate. That just makes it more fun though, doesn't it? After all, it isn't quite New Years yet. We're still ready to open up a few more basketball-related gifts. Naturally, the Golden State Warriors are still holding our top spot. The team all other squads are ranked against held strong on the holiday week and is looking to add to its historic start heading into 2016. But that doesn't mean there aren't other teams out there who can make things interesting. The Oklahoma City Thunder are on a serious (and healthy) roll and we should all probably start, collectively, paying more attention to the Toronto Raptors. Click through the gallery to check out who's made this week's Top 15 and read up on what to expect from each squad heading into the new year.

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