NHL Power Rankings Week 12

It's almost time to head outside. The first Winter Classic of the season gets underway on January 1st as the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadians face off in a New Years Day matchup that will be chock full of hockey-related emotion and rivalry. But before we all collectively (even if we're still inside) brace ourselves for the wind and the cold of Gillette Stadium, it's time to break down the Top 10 teams in the league. Leading that pack are the almost absurdly dominant Washington Capitals, but keep an eye out for just about everyone in this entire list. Especially the Dallas Stars. You're going to want to watch out for the Dallas Stars. It's going to be a fun week everyone. Let's get ready for 2016. (Getty)

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Timothy LeBlanc

Laura , your power rankings are border line pathetic! Your obviously not a very smart hockey mind. Sorry I don’t agree at all!!!