Rafaella Beckran Photos: Pictures of Neymar’s Sister

Is Neymar's Brazilian teammate really dating Rafaella Beckran? Despite having a different last name, more on that later, she's Neymar sister. Reports coming from Brazil say that she's dating Santos midfielder Lucas Lima. It remains to be seen if the rumors are true. Everyone is wondering how he will react to the reports coming from his homeland that she's dating his former teammate Lima. Many of the Brazilian tabloids are basing the claims on photos from an Instagram account that show the two, along with many others, on vacation at Disneyworld and Universal Studios in Florida.

According to a report in Brazilian tabloid Globo, she doesn't share a last name with her soccer playing brother. That's because she loves David Beckham and wanted a name to reflect that love.

Here are the hot and sexy photos of Beckran that you need to see:



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