Ryan & Lauren Tannehill: The Pictures You Need to See

Fans of the Miami Dolphins are quick to criticize their young franchise quarterback, Ryan Tannehill. It's understandable- they already feel like he's been there forever. Tannehill is in his fourth season with the Dolphins, and has started every single game since being drafted in 2012.

Lauren Tannehill has been standing beside her husband throughout his career, and even before then while the two attended Texas A&M. Ryan and Lauren attended school in College Station, but actually met while on spring break in 2009.

When Tannehill was drafted 8th overall by Miami in 2012, it wasn't long before fans got to meet his wife. That summer the Dolphins were featured on the HBO series Hard Knocks, which follows NFL teams over the course of summer training camp. While the show normall divides the attention among the roster and staff, they were sure to include plenty of Lauren, who made an appearance in every episode that season.

Since then, Mrs. Tannehill has only made national news on one other occasion. That was in 2014, when Lauren infamously left the family assault rifle in the back of a returned rental car. It was found by another woman, who turned the weapon in to the police. Owning an AR-15 isn't a crime, but it certainly isn't something to forget about.

Since the incident, Ryan and Lauren have avoided negative press. Now Lauren is known for her modeling, as she's done a series of shoots for Levinson Jewelers. (Instagram)

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